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CPap the cause?

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  • CPap the cause?

    I recently started having eye probs. & was told by my eye doc. it was severe dry eye caused by my CPap machine. I've changed my mask, been using lubricating eye drops hourly, lubricating ointment at night & patching both eyes while I sleep. It's been nearly 2 months & my right eye is no better. I still can barely stand to open it, it's painful, blurry, etc. My left is some better but still painful, light sensitive, etc. The eye doc. prescribed MucoMist eye drops this week because he said I now have fillaments (not sure the spelling) from sloghed off skin cells in my eyes. I'm afraid to use them tho till I check with my reg. doc. due to some other health issues I have. I'm also on oxygen 24/7, have hight bp, & allergies. I asked my eye doc. if he was sure it was the CPap causing it & not my other meds. or allergies but he's certain it is the CPap. After all this rambling my questions are this: Has anyone else had the as a cause for their DE? If so any ideas on what to do about it?

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    Hi Kaylore,

    I hear from probably one new person a week who has CPAP as a primary cause of dry eye problems and many others who already had dry eye that have problems with CPAP for that reason. So you're definitely in good company!

    If the mask fit has been optimized and you're still getting enough leakage to be problematic, then physical barrier protection over the eyes when you're using CPAP is a MUST.

    Have a look in the Dry Eye Shop in the section where it says Night Eye Protection. You can probably find some of these things locally and also in other online stores including direct from the manufacturer.

    Brief synopsis...

    SIMPLE AND CHEAP options: Cut squares of plastic wrap and press then down over your eyes. Or, tape your lids down with medical tape. Personally I prefer Micropore paper tape for this purpose as the adhesive is more skin-friendly than many other brands I've tried.

    SLEEP MASKS & GOGGLES: Your main limiting factor is going to be what model of C-PAP you have. The best product for night eye protection is Tranquileyes, but this is too bulky to fit with many C-PAP machines (OK for nasal pillows and one or two masks). There is a simpler product designed specifically for CPAP users, called Onyix (black version) and Quartz (clear version). They don't work for everyone but they sure have helped a lot of people so this may be worth a try. - Sleep masks don't usually work well with CPAP because of the bulk but some models may.

    Or give me a call and I can try to help you figure this out.
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Foundation


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      Thanks for the help.


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        I've been on CPAP for 12 years and I can relate to your story. What has helped me lately is using Restatis and Dwelle drops. Also, staying off the computer and away from so much TV.

        If you are using O2 with your cpap could that be helping to make matters worse?

        Let me edit this post after last nites sleep. For me the Dwelle isn't enough night time lubrication. I need the Genteal severe ointment. I've tried the last four or five nites without the Tranquileyes and that's worked pretty good. Last nite my worst eye got stuck together and my vision is blurry today from it. I've only tried the Dwelle and Muro 128 5% ointment for the last few nites and it didn't work last nite so back to the Genteal tonite. Hope this helps.

        Jeff in Oklahoma
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