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"Bright eyes" drops to "dissolve" cataracts

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  • "Bright eyes" drops to "dissolve" cataracts

    This is a bit marginal to the Forum, so I'll understand if it's deleted by the moderators. I can say that using the drops did slightly increase my eye dryness.

    A few years ago the British Daily Mail newspaper ran a feature about "Bright Eyes" drops that were claimed to dissolve cataracts. (Let it be said that almost every week the Mail has a big article suggesting that research has shown that some vegetable or fruit has miracle qualities in combatting something or other.)


    The result was a sudden demand for the stuff which cost about 30 for a small phial and lots of agents being established to flog it. At the time I had a cataract on an eye of 7 dioptres weakness and with repaired retinal tears, and so the doctor was reluctant to operate until it was absolutely necessary. I used one bottle, and just possibly there was a tiny improvement. but then the doctor decided it was time to operate, and this was successfully done, though the aim was to give me vision of about 1 dioptre weakness and it turned out at 2 dioptres - now reduced to 1.5 with the passing of time. (Perhaps it'll be plano in ten years?)

    The product was not recognised by the British health authorities. I've often wondered whether it worked?