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Red lines in eyes and squinty feeling

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  • Red lines in eyes and squinty feeling

    Hi everyone,

    Are red lines (I'm thinking they're veins) in the eyes a bad sign? I tend to have more red lines in my eyes than other people I've talked to. Most of them are on the bottom part of my eyeball where I have to look up to see them. They are under the lower and top lids mostly and then some on the sides. They seem to be worse as well when my eyes are feeling really dry.

    The second question I was wondering is why do I sometimes have a squinty feeling in my eyes when they're dry. I talked to another person in a thread and he had the same problem as well. It feels like you're walking into the wind or something but indoors. It doesn't happen all the time but when it does it makes it very difficult to want to keep my eyes open at all. It's like my eyes are so dry they become squinty and burn.

    Thanks for your help

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    I think the red veins are not a god sign. Do you use contacts ? What type of dry eyes do you have ? What does your doctor say ?


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      well i haven't been to the eye doctor in about a year since they insurance only pays for it once every calendar... but i'm scheduled to see her at the end of the month. i dont wear contacts but i do work on the computer all the times for my job every day. I do take frequent micro breaks, put eye drops in, and i blink frequently. I definitely notice that I have a higher level of veiny red lines in my eyes than my girlfriend does... maybe this has a direct correlation with dry eye syndrome? sometimes when I put in eye drops it causes me to have even more (a lot more actually) red lines in my eyes and it burns like hell.

      any idea on what is causing these red lines?