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To drop or not to drop

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  • To drop or not to drop

    Hi All- I could use some expert opinions on this and I know so many people on this board seem to know more than the eye doctors. Recently I was told that my eyes have become healthy and that my tear break up time is essentially "normal". Yet, there are times when I still feel "dry" (living in So Cal with the Santa Ana winds right now isnt helping) and my eye doctor said to use a drop like Soothe Xp to help. Well, my problem is that every drop I try leaves me with rebound dryness and burning and overall more discomfort than before I dropped. So, my question is:

    - is it Ok to not use drops and just endure some dryness? Or will the dryness signal an inflammation cycle and make things worse?

    One thing I remember in the past when this "went away" was that when I gave up on all drops and all eye doctors and just lived my life with some dryness over time I just completely forgot about it....wait, maybe I just answered my own question.

    Still, does anyone have any advice on this?

    Thanks in advance for your help!!!

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    Hace you tried something simple - like blink tears - I use them maybe once every few days - I never liked soothe - so it probably depends on the drop - there is no such thing as rebound redness from a dry eye drop - unless it has the evil ingredients found in a vaso constrictor


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      Hi Tim- I haven't tried Blink but I will if you think it is good. I feel like the last step on my route to comfort is finding a drop I can rely on when needed. I am seriously thinking about Dr. Holly's drops.

      But, I still want to hear what y'all think about not dropping at all- will this hurt the eye?


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        go preservative free...

        I've had the most luck in terms of just soothing..with refresh plus preservative free individual can get them at walgreens, target, or just about anywhere...but only the individual vials are preservative free, and they seem so harmless...just feel good, and since you only need an occasional boost...I would go with refresh plus preserv. free.


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          I Also have the same problem.. I don't really have dry eyes, but sometimes they gt red and burn after sessions on the computer, driving, and occasionally other things. I use Natures Tears EyeMist, it is also preservative free, and it is a mist so it actually penetrates the tear film instead of damaging it. It is really convenient compared to a drop. I know you can find it on Amazon and Ebay. Good luck!