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Papillary Conjuntivitis from Allergies-HELP

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  • Papillary Conjuntivitis from Allergies-HELP

    Hi everyone! I have been suffering with papillary conjunctivitis for the past 11 months. I assume it started from my contacts, but I haven't worn my contacts in 11 months (so why is it still there?) so now the doctor thinks it is allergy related. Especially since I didn't respond to treatment (I was on prednisolne for 6 weeks two separate times). I have NO itching, but I was also on patanol for a few weeks.

    Everything I have read says these bumps form from contacts or allergies. Could they be from something else?

    Has anyone experienced this?? I have severe burning and hyperemia that never goes away even when I put preservative free drops in. I have also been on restasis for 4 years, further confusing the nine eye doctors I have been too.

    ANY advice would be greatly appreciated. I am only 27 and one doctor actually told me that my problems were due to old age.

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