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Need advice for what make up to use, if any...

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  • Need advice for what make up to use, if any...

    Hey everyone, I haven't been wearing makeup ever since I found out I had dry eye and was intolerant to contacts.
    I have been not wearing make-up for for about 2 months.
    I don't plan on wearing make up every day, but I just want to know if there are any brands that I can wear (eyeliner specifically, that is all I wear).
    My eyes are already irritated, but I just don't want to get makeup and have my eyes bloodshot!

    thank you.

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    No idea what i'm doing looking at this topic to start with?.

    But here's my advice!.... Vivian you need make-up about as much as a fish needs a bicycle!.. lol...


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        Awww...cute colin that was sweet of you to say! To vivian..even though I agree with Colin....I found there is no brand that seems to work for everyone. Its a lot of trial and error. I have yet to find makeup that doesnt irritate me. I have thought of going to a macys and have them put eyeliner or makeup on me. You can put one brand on one eye and another brand on the other...and see which one works for you. Good luck to you!


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          Haha Aww! Thank you Collin, that makes me feel very good! You are too sweet!

          Yeah i think I'm going to check out lancome,clinque, almay, ones that are hypoalergenic and all taht good stuff. Thank you regina!


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            Hey Fellas! you need any tips on how to impress the ladies???... Just send me a pm...


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              Hahaha...Colin...YOU ARE GOOD!


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                Got a good laugh from Colin wondering why he's looking at thread on makeup advice lol And the fish riding a bicycle didn't hurt either!

                Don't have any makeup advice though... I haven't worn any in several years due to my crazy eyes.
                Yet another post-Lasik (2005)...
                Anyone have a time machine so I can go back and undo this mess?


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                  I tried some almay and clinque eyeliner. and was very careful in the application.

                  I didnt not feel any pain or irriation, wehter it was red or not i won't know...i alwasy feel liek the lighting in different places play tricks on my eye.


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                    Well that sounds promising. With my eyes just the fumes from the make up bother them....I would put facial make up around the eyes...and about an 1 inch area away from the actual eye balls...and I can feel the irritation immediately. That was with Revlon. Prescriptives mineral dont seem to irritate them as much. The problem is that Dry eye has give my dark circles under my eyes and that is where make up is so dearly needed but it just irritates it too much. I pretty much save makeup for a special night...wear it..suffer....and then baby my eyes for the next couple of days...oh to be a


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                      oh i have dark circles too! I used bare minerals foundation and foundation veil, it hides it pretty well and it didnt irriate. but keep in mind just cuz it work for me doesnt mean it works for everyone.
                      have you tried clinque and almay?? they are specially made for sensitive eyes and "opthamalogist" tested.

                      I have given up wearing make up everyday, and I'm ok with that, i tell myslef the only time i will wear is for special occasians like yourself.


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