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  • Amniotic Membrane Fluid Eye Drops

    Hi everyone,

    I wanted to share the below press release from a company in Florida that has produced AMX eye drops. For those of you that aren't familiar with AMX eye drops, I also included two links below so you can read up on it. I believe it to pretty much be the only thing I feel right now can truly help with eye pain and eye redness and it has been a huge source of hope for me. There is a doctor in Italy that has been working on a drop that I know has been discussed on this forum, but now here is a company in the United States that already has produced the drop.

    I have been in contact with the company and this is a recap of the information I have been given:

    Yes, the drop does exist and they are calling them the "Fountain of Youth" eyedrops. Initially they told me that they would be selling direct to the customer and all of my information was taken down for a waiting list for them and that I would be contacted when they were available. The last time I spoke to them (in May) I was informed that they were no longer going to be selling direct to the customer and instead would be distributing these to eye doctors. They told me that an optometrist in Minnesota was currently undergoing "trials" with them with his patients and that the results would be available in about 45 days. They said they would contact him to see if he would be willing to sell the drops to me when the time came for that and that after speaking to him they would put me in touch with him.

    Anyways, I tried to contact the company in Florida again on Friday, but they did not call me back (this has basically how it's been since I ever first contacted them.. it's hard to get a hold of anybody who has real information). I am writing this to see if maybe others could try to contact this company and then maybe collectively we can get some real answers as to how to get these drops and other information on the drop. They did tell me that they would be selling directly to US Veterans.

    Please PM me if you want to help or discuss further.

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    Please research the difference between Amniotic Fluid drops and drops reconstituted from amniotic membrane. Two very different products.


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      Originally posted by indrep View Post
      Please research the difference between Amniotic Fluid drops and drops reconstituted from amniotic membrane. Two very different products.

      I'll look into the difference, but it doesn't mean that these drops aren't worth looking into or couldn't help for symptom relief?


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        they planned to distribute directly to consumers without conducting clinical trials? How is that possible? Something seems odd here. Are they not marketing it as a medical product?


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          Thank you for posting this Chels. Like Grant, I was sceptical, but looked at your links, and feel better about things. I am curious though about FDA approval and how they were able to originally sell these drops directly to the public. Guess I'll ask my eye doctor about this. I was also interested in seeing their page about blood testing for clean samples. It never occurred to me, but if they have a bad donor, one could end up with HIV, hepatitis, and the list goes on.

          Thank you for sharing this info. Very interesting, and something I will definitely check out.


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            Amniotic membrane has proven to have clinical benefits across many many wound healing issues. Amniotic fluid depending upon the time during pregnancy that it is harvested can have very different properties. Acellular amniotic membrane has significantly less residual DNA (up to 95% less) than other membranes. Amniotic fluid could have significant residual DNA. Also late term amniotic fluid could be mostly urine according to many resources.

            I am only suggesting that significant research needs to be carried out before putting something on your eye that may or may not have clinical benefit. With all medical treatments there is a safety profile and a performance profile. Sometimes safety is compromised for clinical benefit.


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              Seems to me , anything that successful would be with reputable ophthalmologists. Are you sure they are not "snake oil"? what are the ingredients?


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                I ordered the eye drops today through my eye doc


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                  Keep us updated Daniel, If they are not too expensive I'm definitely looking to buy them too.


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                    It seems to be that amniotic fluid will indeed regenerate cells, so atrophied glands contrary to what people believed before that they were permanently damaged can indeed be regenerated and 'brought back'.
                    Great news, I'll talk to my doctor about this.


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                      Hi, all.
                      I was able to obtain a sample of Regener-Eye drops Daniel Scott mentions above through my optometrist. I have been using the drops for the past 3 weeks. I am a SJS patient with vascularized cornea along with corneal pannus and scarring. After three weeks, I can tell definitively, the cloudiness in my worse affected right eye has improved noticeably. Also, just prior to starting the drops, I had a minor infection in my right eye which was treated with antibiotic drops. Normally, after such infection, I would experience several months of recovery. However, the condition of my right eye improved extremely fast, and it is in a better condition than it has been in months. Like every other ocular patients, I have my good and bad eye-days. I am definitely experiencing some of my best eye-days. I should add that I did make one other changes to my normal eye regimen: I had started on a high potency anti-inflammatory supplement therapy devised by an immunologist I saw for Stem Cell therapy (a whole another topic of discussion!) as is a pre-treament to the stem cell therapy. So, I don't know if it is the amniotic fluid drops or the high potency supplements, or the combination of both. What I did notice is that my eyes feel noticeably better, and it happened rather quickly!


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                        Daniel Scott and Miki-Mama, Please keep us informed on your experience with the amniotic fluid eye drops. Intuitively, it is easy to understand that amniotic fluid could promote healing and regenerate human tissue in some fashion. The companies website makes a pretty convincing case that the drops are completely sterilized. I am completely pulling for you and hope that your MGD, dry eye and other symptoms are continuing to be improved. Please share your experiences and results to date with the drops. Thanks Much!


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                          Agree with Ctrain, would love an update on the Amniotic fluid drop!? i Have just ordered them all the way to Sweden... And what was the high potency anti-inflammatory supplement therapy? Please, if such a big difference, share with the rest of us! Thank you very much!


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                            Hi Tess77, Like you, I am waiting for feedback from the other two contributors re: Amniotic Fluid eye drops...Please don't forget to post feedback on this thread after you get them and try them...If I try them I will do the same...Wishing you the best of luck with the drops...


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                              Just wondering if there are any updates for people who have been using the amniotic fluid eye drops? Any success you can share would be appreciated!


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