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  • Serum drops

    Today I got my serum drops, they are in really cool syringe like vials. But they smell like mild vinegar. Is that smell normal? It also mad my eyes little itchy and right after the application my eyes felt dryer than before.

    How much success you have had with serum?

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    I just took a sniff of my serum drops. There is no scent what so ever, certainly no smell of vinegar. Where did you have it made? I've read a couple of other people's comments about their eyes feeling dryer than before after using the serum drops. In my case, I find it to be the most effective wetting solution for my extremely dry eyes. I have used it regularly for the past 9+ years, without any issues. I would ask the dispensing physician about the smell. They are highly perishable, and must be kept frozen at all times, until ready to use. Even in the freezer, I was told the shelf life is only 2 months. Although, I was told different information by different physicians, the general rule is 2-6 months in the freezer. Once defrosted, it must be used within a few days, and kept in the refrigerator. My doctor dispenses them in small vials, each just enough to last 1 week.


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      Serum drops have been a Godsend for me. For 2 years, I tried everything the opthamologist could offer. My eyes burned constantly.
      I am fortunate to live in Michigan, near University of Michigan's Kellogg Eye Clinic. I have been getting the serum drops since last March
      and hope I can get them forever. I get enough for about 3 months. At the clinic, they draw 18 vials of blood. I wait while they process it
      in their lab, separating the serum from my blood. They give it to me packed in ice, I take it to a compounding pharmacy. I takes all day
      for the pharmacy to create the serum drops. I do keep the vials in the freezer. Take out one vial at a time and keep it in the frig. For me,
      these drops have been wonderful. I still have many dry eye symptoms, but I no longer have the awful burning.