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  • TheraPearl


    I was choosen as a product tester for TheraPearl in Sweden. The application process was on a very popular website for testing products, and there were about 10 000 applicants, out of which I doubt more than a couple of hundred actually have chronic dry eyes. What I did then was to get in touch directly with Bausch & Lomb, and they sent me the product to test, when I told them about my dry eye condition.

    So I thought that this might be a good place to share my impression! Since before, I have tried a similar product called MGDRx, but since several years I only use the Blephasteam device. My idea was that TheraPearl would be good to use at work without eyelid massage. I have taken a picture of the product and if there is an interest I will share my impression.

    Link to picture:

    The TheraPearl eye mask is placed next to a sparsely used MGDRx eye bag. I know it looks very heavily used but this is not the case. Just touching the TheraPearl eye mask, I can say right away that it did not feel anything like I had imagined it. I had imagined a kind of rubber feeling to it, but it is a kind of gel encased in a plastic bag, similar to an inflatable pillow.