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Demodex Treatments didnt work after a 3 week trial

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  • Demodex Treatments didnt work after a 3 week trial

    I used Cliradex for 3 weeks 2x daily. I also had the TTO shampoo/conditioner, face wash, lip balm, and body soap. I was obsessed according to my finance. Anyway, I am stopping treatment as it didnt have any effect. Glad I tired it though!

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    3 weeks is only 1 lifecycle of a demodex mite. you need to do at least 2 lifecycles to eradicate an infestation. also, did you apply it right? my doc told me you have to leave it on to dry, not wash it off right after you apply it.


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      Demodex can be extremely difficult to eradicate. The eggs are layed at the roots of the lashes and Cliradex does not kill the eggs. It only kills the adults when they emerge to mate. If you miss them when you apply the treatment the adults females will lay their eggs and the cycle continues. Females live for about 28 days, so one round of three weeks is not nearly enough time.

      Also, it's important to wash your bedding, using very hot water or steam. And your fiance may need to be treated.


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        Hmmm thanks for the info...I might get some more Cliradex.


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          I went to an optometrist in my area that was offering a test for demodex mites. I have a dog and was always wondering if this was my problem. She did the test and found I had no demodex. She said most likely the doxycycline I am taking was killing them, (if I even had them), but she did not know for sure. What she did know was demodex was not my problem. I'm not sure if these test are offered everywhere, but all she did was pluck out some eyelashes in each eye and look under a microscope so I assume most eye doc places could provide this test. I wanted to do this before I used Cliradex or any other treatment to avoid using something I didn't need.


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            Thats interesting Dave, because I was on doxy and mino for about 6 months.


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              Doxycyline wouldn't have an effect on demodex mites. It would have some effect on the bacteria they harbor. When the mites die they release the bacteria.

              The test for demodex is as you describe. The test may result in a false negative if the mites are not on the lashes that were pulled. The test has better positive results rather then negative. One doctor who tested me found that all my lose lashes, those that pulled easily, had mites. But even he said that an improving test result or a test result of zero mites on all lashes pulled could just mean that he didn't pull a lash that had a mite on it.

              But it's good that you were tested because Cliradex is not inexpensive and TTO can become toxic.


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                Katewest - I though I'd update you on my experience with Cliradex. (I will add this to my original thread too.)

                I just finished my 6 weeks using Cliradex and have had improvement because of it. My eyes are still dry, and burn at times but here are the positives.

                1. My eyes are less red then they used to be (by red - I am referring to the visible red veins).
                2. my eye doc said that the cylindrical dandruff I used to have on my lashes is gone (it was never visible to he naked eye) and that my lashes are now all coming in a lighter color - he was not sure what that meant or if it was common so was going to check into it.
                3. My tear film is "better" so I'm assuming the quality of my tears is too. Before he referred to them as "dirty tears".
                4. My miebomian glands are not nearly as clogged as they were.

                During the time I used the Cliradex I did not do any warm compresses or other lid scrubs at all. So...I guess it's a few steps in the right direction. Not a *cure* by any means since I'm still dry and they still burn.

                He asked me if I wanted to try contacts again and gave me a sample. I wore them yesterday and could only get 4 hours out of them and that was stretching it. I don't see him again until 6 mos. and am not sure if there are any other treatments we are going to try or if this is just as good as it gets for me - he really didn't say and I'm now kicking myself for not asking.


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                  So how many boxes did you go through? And what percentage better do you feel? thanks! and glad to hear you are better


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                    Almost 2 boxes and probably 20% better. I still need ointment at night (and I use way more than 1/4 inch-probably an inch of it per eye) and PF drops every 4 hours or so.


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                      Now that you have "Cleared" the demodex does your doc think you will continue to improve?


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                        He didn't say that I would so I'm assuming I won't.

                        I forgot to mention that I am supposed to use the Cliradex wipes twice a week for maintenance.

                        Keep in mind Severe Dry Eye Syndrome is a chronic condition that for most never goes away, but can be managed to provide the most relief and comfort possible.
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                 Demodex often misdiagnosed as chronic bacterial blepharitis, Primary Care Optometry News, September 2013. Plenty more useful experience on this thread
                          Paediatric ocular rosacea ~ primum non nocere


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                            Updating here and in my thread about Cliradex. I no longer need to use ointment at night. Refresh Optive Advanced before bed and then the Onyx goggles and for the first time in 9/10 years, I can get through the night. I still need PF drops every 4 hours or so during the day. My eyes are still too dry for contact lenses - after 4 hours they feel suctioned to my eyeball and very uncomfortable (I had a heck of a time removing the right one last time I wore a trial pair.) My eyes are also still not as red/veiny as they have been these past years (except when trying the contact lenses). All in all, there has definitely been some improvement for me and I am convinced that demodex was a contributing factor.

                            How is round 2 going for you Kate?


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                              Hi Alison,

                              I switched it up a little the second time around....I only use it at night and only on my lids where before I was doing my face. I think I'm a week and a half in now? real difference yet though.