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Avenova/Ocusoft Cleanser w/Hypochlorous Acid vs Cliradex/Tea Tree Oil

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  • Avenova/Ocusoft Cleanser w/Hypochlorous Acid vs Cliradex/Tea Tree Oil

    Have someone use the followings and find them effective?

    1) Avenova Cleanser (pure Hypochlorous Acid 0.01%
    2) Ocusoft Hypochlor 0.02%
    Hypochlorous Acid
    3) Lid and Lash Cleanser by Heyedrate, pure Hypochlorous Acid (0.015%).
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    Another alternative is Optase Tea Tree Oil wipes by Scope Ophthalmics (UK-based company). I found Cliradex was too much for me and stung but seem OK with the Optase. I cut them in half and store unused half back in packet then in a ziploc bag as they're a decent size.

    OPTASE™ TTO Lid Wipes contain a unique and gentle formula of Tea Tree Oil and Hyaluronic Acid. Tea Tree Oil is a natural ingredient with known anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Hyaluronic Acid moisturises and soothes the eyelids, and can help improve eyelid elasticity. In addition to Hyaluronic Acid, the lid wipes contain Camomile and Aloe Vera for further hydration and to soothe sore eyelids.
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        I recently started using iLast Hydraclean Gel and it feels nice, worth a try.
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          Hi PhoenixEye

          Just happen to find the following today, not sure if you are aware of them? for your info.?

          ''iLast containing retinol palmitate.... & appears to be able to prevent keratin formation, which may play a role in meibomian gland obstruction.

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            Thanks for that, that sounds really good. As a result of Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis my eye doctor does say I have fibrosis (scarring) that's even obstructing not only my meibomian glands but even my lacrimal glands. Retinol palmitate = Vitamin A and I do also use VitA-Pos. I've also started a low dose (4mg) of oral Astaxanthin, an antioxidant from marine plants, as I read some studies which suggested it might help with fibrosis. I'll certainly keep up with the iLast Hydraclean as the gel feels quite cooling on the eyelid. At the moment nothing I do seems to be helping, went to eye ER recently because the pain gets so bad, there was nothing they could do for me though as I'd already tried all the eye drops / ointments they could offer. Probably gonna be doing fingerprick autologous blood next in the hope it provides evidence of efficacy for NHS funding approval of autologous serum. I've invested in a Genteel lancing device to make it easier, just waiting on the eye doctor to make it official.
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                I've been using the VitA-Pos for some months now and do OK with it. At the ER and my last ophthalmologist appointment they also said to use it more often. The pain I experience is more chronic than sudden. I understand that some ointments can cause more stickiness and debris for some though which might worsen their eyelids sticking to their eye causing an erosion or more debris buildup on meibomian glands. I decided to try Theaoloz Duo Gel at night after seeing positive reviews but found that my eyes felt like they had been glued shut in the morning and more debris. Everyone is so different sadly.

                I use Ocusoft Plus wipe in the morning and Optase Tea Tree wipe afternoon and evening to keep eyelids clean. As well as using that iLast Hydraclean gel during the day.
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                  I recently had a doctor prescribe Avenova for me. I have a demodex problem (confirmed in lab) and was originally prescribed Cliradex wipes by a different doctor. Can anyone attest to the effectiveness between the two?

                  In terms of Vitamin A. I had a doctor prescribe Retinoic Acid Ointment to apply to my lid margins nightly with the idea that it can help to open up blocked glands over time. I stopped using it because it was irritating. What's the best Vitamin A treatment out there?


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                    Hi JJdryeye

                    Thanks for sharing. So your doctor considers Avenova can tackle demodex problem?
                    I think it depends on each individual condition, some people find Clidradex work for demodex, while some have no luck.

                    Ocusoft demodex kit with tea tree oil - Just knew Ocusoft now has this new product - for doctors to treat demodex for patients.
                    I guess it would be effectiver.

                    Gratefful if you share your results with Avenova. Thanks.
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                      Found another product like Avenova:

                      BRIOTECH Topical Skin Spray: 0.02% HOCI, salt and electrolyzed water (saline)



                      From the customer questions section:

                      ".02% hypochlorous acid solutions, 99.08% electrolyzed water, and .9% NaCl. The product's pH is 4.4"

                      If you get it in your eyes will it burn?

                      I've never directly put this in my eyes, but I have sprayed it on my face as a facial mist. I'm sure at some point it got in my eye, but I cannot say for certain. It smells and feels like water...accept water that heals you. I've never had any worry that this product would cause me any uncomfort.
                      By ericka on January 11, 2017 No
                      By christi on January 11, 2017
                      Absolutely not - I've done it myself!
                      By christi on January 11, 2017

                      No it will not burn at all
                      By Marty Calvert on January 11, 2017
                      No not at all. I have really bad allergies and I sprayed in my eyes when my eyes are itchy and it makes them feel much much better. I swear by this stuff it's the best
                      By victoria percifield on January 16, 2017
                      My husband uses it regularly in his eyes (like 2x/day) with nothing but good effects. It's very gentle - half the saltiness of tears.
                      By Melissa Rasmussen on May 17, 2017
                      You can spray this anywhere, I've used it for a stye in my eye, and it worked great! It didn't hurt at all! I also recommend spraying in ears and throat if you have any sort of ear infection or respiratory sickness.
                      By Persephone Rose on February 16, 2017

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                        Hi MGD1701

                        I got the Natrasan First Aid spray you mentioned. I know the company says it's pure so chlorine bi-products should be removed but I wonder why it has such a faint smell of chlorine that reminds me of the chlorine in public swimming pools... Maybe Avenova, Heyedrate and Hypochlor also have that smell though? I've never tried them since they're mainly in the US.

                        Since I'm in UK where VitalBaby are based who do the Aquaint Sanitising Water I phoned them (couldn't get an answer emailing and via Facebook). They said it's 99.997% water and the amount of Hypochlorous Acid is so minute it's hard to measure (though I guess if the other ingredient is 99.997 then Hypochlorous Acid is 0.003%?) but they state it's primarily pure water. No sodium chloride / salt or preservatives, maybe it's preservative free by design of the bottle or something.

                        Maybe the smaller amount makes it so it doesn't have that smell. Though it has such a low amount they advertise it still kills 99.9% of bacteria though. Also found this article which talks about the history behind making the product:

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                          Hi Phoenix

                          Chlorine smell:
                          I did check Anenova, Heyedrate and Ocusoft websites Q & A and other sources (Ocusoft in youTube) etc, all mentioned such smell.
                          So I know it is normal and It does not bother me. I think I have spent approximately 100 hours in finding/studying this product.

                          Natrasan spray really helps me get ride of watering and discharges issues - for nearly 3 weeks.
                          I have done many things (my own treatment plans etc) but I am sure the spray plays a role for me.

                          I also think Natrasan's spray/design is much better - user friendly, spray is even. I spray to closed eyes before bed.
                          I hope Natrasan will help you too. Keep us informed. Thanks!
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                            Oh that's strange. The bottle I have of VitalBaby Aquaint doesn't have much of a smell. I got two others in my family to check but they said the same, not much of a smell unless they rubbed it, then it was faint. But sprayed the Natrasan and it was more of a distinct smell even without rubbing.

                            Good to know Avenova etc. also have a distinct smell though so maybe it's not a sign of anything. I appreciate you taking the time to research.
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                              I tried emailing VitalBaby direct instead of through their online contact form and got a reply from the founder. I asked how they compare to Avenova.

                              "Aquaint is water plus 0.001 - 0.003% Hypochlorous Acid, nothing else, so it is even purer than Avenova!
                              I have provided it to one other person in Slovenia for blepharitis, and the feedback was great.

                              - Bola Lafe
                              Managing Director"

                              I think Aquaint may be better for cleaning my moisture chamber glasses if it doesn't have any saline / salt in it, apparently saline can be corrosive for metal surfaces (but not eyes which absorb it, it sits on the metal). Don't wanna damage the metal magnets and hinges.
                              "As NatraSan is mildly saline, be sure to wipe off any metal surfaces after spraying to prevent any possible corrosion. It is fine to allow to dry naturally on all other surfaces. - Dan, Renapur Ltd T/A NatraSan"

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