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do you wash your eyes in the morning?

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  • do you wash your eyes in the morning?

    when I wake up in the morning my eyes feel dry and kinda gunky like I have to wash them out. Just eye drops are not enough. Do you do this, and what do you use to wash your eyes out with?

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    Hi matt,

    Yes i do wash out my eyes in the morning.
    I use warm water and an antibacterial handsoap (unicura).
    Right after that i apply an eye drop in both eyes.
    Don't know if the handsoap is maybe too harsh,but it really doesn't bother me very much.
    However, i do of course make sure that the soap doesn't make contact with my eyes. Its just to rinse any debris from the eyelids and eyelashes....


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      When I need to wash out my eyes, and I mean inside not the outside of the lids, I use sterile .9% saline vials that are available via prescription. There is nothing in the vials except water and sodium chloride. I squirt 1-4 times per eye, then blot to dry with a lint free tissue. Blotting and not rubbing is important. Close the eye, place the tissue over it, hold down for 4 seconds and let go. (My doctor taught me how to do this). This way you do not leave behind lint that can be irritating. Lint free tissues are also important.


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        I use saline as well.

        Another reader mentioned to me on email that Ocufresh Eye Wash (Unpreserved) appears to have the same ingredients as Unisol 4... haven't yet been able to verify how similar it is. But that's a refreshing change from the BAK preserved eye washes at any rate. I'd sure stay away from any kind of soap in the eyes.
        Rebecca Petris
        The Dry Eye Foundation