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Lid scrub: FOAM VS WIPES

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  • Lid scrub: FOAM VS WIPES

    Hey guys looking for a good lid scrub that I can get in UK? Any suggestions

    is foam better than the wipes?

    whats with them using tea tree oil?

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    There are so many choices for lid cleaners/scrubs now, it can be confusing! It comes down to what your condition is, what does not irritate your eyes, what makes your eyes feel better, etc. If one has demodex mites, often products with tea tree oil are used because it helps kill the mites. For me tea tree oil irritates my eyes, so I cannot use any lid cleaners with this.

    I used wipes for a few years, then one of my probe doctors advised foam (applied with a swab) was much more effective soaking into the lids than wipes. So I tried the foam version and personally found the foam did make my eyes feel better. I use Ocusoft Lid Scrub Foam Plus, which is also available in the UK:

    The Dry Eye Shop has several different lid cleaners, with descriptions from Rebecca as well as the manufacturer, which might help you determine which might be right for you. Would recommend you also ask your eye doctor if you have demodex mites, and check with him/her which lid cleaners would be optimal for your condition.

    Also, Hereís an article on demodex mites and tea tree oil:


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      Hokucat - Thank you very much for your response. Iíve ordered some of the ocusoft foam you mentioned. I was just wondering, how do you apply it and do you wash it off? Can you use your hands?

      Also, how long does it take per eye?


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        This is how my probe doctor instructed me...After washing my hands well, I dispense some foam onto my palm to soak the cotton swab tips in it. Next, itís best to look in a mirror, as you will need to slightly pull down on your lower lid, or pull up on your upper lid, to have full view of each of your lid margins as you scrub them. I lightly scrub EACH upper and lower lid margin with a new soaked swab (four lids so four swab tips), with short horizontal side to side strokes, as I move from one corner of the eye to the other, for 5-10 seconds per lid. Once you get the hang of it, both eyes should take a minute or so total to clean. If you have punctual plugs, be careful not to scrub in those inner time I accidentally displaced a plug scrubbing my lower lid margin.

        The Ocusoft Plus Foam does not need to be washed off, you can leave it on your eyes, and I think thatís what also makes it more effective. Different cleaners may require you to wash it off, so check the instructions. Try not to get too much foam on the surface of your eyes because for some people, it could sting, especially if your tear film is compromised. When I used to have severe dry eyes, I had to put a few drops of preservative free saline in my eyes afterwards because my eyes used to sting. Or you might need to try a different product if this one bothers your eyes.

        Next time you see your eye doctor, let them know what lid cleaner you are using, and would be good for them to check for demodex mites, in case a product with tea tree oil may be needed. Although Ocusoft Plusí manufacturer says the Plus version is supposed to address both bacteria and mites.
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          My doc said do not use anything with foam. Tea tree oil (e.g. We Love Eyes brand) and Avenova are her suggestions. Foaming cleansers strip away oils.


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            Thanks hopeful_hiker

            Tea tree oil - We love Eeys brand
            Assume you use the oil form then?
            Do you happen to know its tto %? Just visited their website but no reference on this.
            How often does your dr recommend, twice/day, how to combine with Avenova?

            Thank you.


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              Now Iím even more confused, for god sake. So I shouldnít use foam because itís going to remove oil?

              Literally just ordered some ocusoft foam :/


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                I used Ocusoft original foam - pretty good. I think they are designed for lid hygiene so should be ok.

                What can remove the oil is sodium lauryl / laureth sulfate (or some might called sodium coco sulfate?)
                mostly in baby shampoo or facial cleanser.


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                  There are differing opinions amongst doctors on which type of lid scrub, or even whether to do lid scrubs. For example, my LipiFlow doctor said he does not even recommend lid scrubs, he instead suggests when in the shower to rub the lid margins with the fingers under running warm water. But I felt worse doing this instead of the lid scrubs. So this didnít work for me. And different tea tree oil scrubs really irritated my eyes, even after rinsing them with a few drops of preservative free saline afterwards. So you have to see what helps you personally, and it may take trying several different ones.

                  And you can usually tell after awhile if a lid scrub is helping you or not. I typically do lid scrubs when I wake up, and before bedtime. Iíve missed doing it a few times, including a longer stretch when I forgot to bring it on vacation, and could tell my eyes did not feel as good.


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                    Ok Iíll give an update in a few weeks to see how I get on with different products.

                    Also regarding wipes, what method would you guys use?

                    again apologies for all the annoying questions I basically have no doctor at the moment so this is my only source of info!


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                      Best is watch videos from Avenova, Ocusoft, Dr Cremers also has a great one especially about tea tree oil
                      all at YouTube.


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                        Hi SirDryEye

                        Just found out this dr recommends: OCuSOFT or generic ďno-more-tearsĒ baby shampoo

                        It just occurs to me, the opinion leader, Dr/Professor Gupta (USA) also recommended
                        Johnson's baby shampoo to new member, PoeFan, who kindly shared the info. Maybe I should try it too.

                        This is NEW - improved formula!! soap-free

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                          This is definitely one of those questions that there is no right answer to. My only advice is to use a product specifically designed and tested for people with dry eye and blepharitis. I know they work for some people, but I think itís a bit risky to use baby shampoo or tea tree oil long-term because these products are meant for other purposes and itís hard to estimate the correct levels of dilution so as to minimize irritation to the eye. My provider also told me to stop doing tea tree oil because it can damage the cornea (however I know some providers do recommend baby shampoo). If demodex is the problem pick a product like Cliradex intended for this.

                          As for me, I tried OcuSoft Lid Foam, however I canít say I noticed a big improvement to my mgd. For whatever reason my provider wasnít comfortable with me scrubbing my lids (and asked me to just gently wipe across the lids). Now I use Dr Fischerís lid wipes. Will continue to experiment with products and might try the Occusoft Lid Foam Plus like hokucat recommended.


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                            Yes, I agree best to use a scrub/cleanser specifically for dry eyes. Would stay away from using baby shampoo because the ingredients include coloring and fragrances, among other things, that can further irritate the eyes and have no benefit in treating blepharitis and MGD. Our eyes are already in bad shape, better to avoid ingredients not meant for the eyes that can be potential irritants.

                            One time the Ocusoft Lid Scrub Foam (regular) instead of the Plus version was sent to me in error. Instead of returning it, I used it, and it was not as effective as the Plus. But thatís just my personal experience.


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                              Hokucat - I just used the tea tree oil wipes (Optase) but my eyes slightly stung afterwards, not really bad but noticeable. Should I continue using for a few days or am I damaging my eyes? I donít think I have mites so is it pointless using these wipes?