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HOW to know if compress/massage work? Soapy/Frothy/Foam Eyes

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  • HOW to know if compress/massage work? Soapy/Frothy/Foam Eyes

    Do you know the theory/answers to the followings: I have done research but still do not fully understand.
    All doctors have different views so HOW can we achieve results and NOT to damage glands/cornea?
    I guess we can only try our luck??

    1) warm compress 4 - 15 minutes. What I find strange is why such a big difference?
    I think what matter is the oil secretion feeling but HOW long and any risks if too long?

    2) purpose of massage
    To remove OLD oils in the hope to regenerate NEW oil, I have read.
    But if we (forcefully) blink oil secrets providing if glands are open, right?
    I did ask dr who said I still need to massage (instead of blinking).
    Some doctors (such as Dr Korb, Dr P. Karpecki) do NOT recommend massage - their concern is might damage cornea.
    So what is the pupose of massage??

    I do feel great after compress/Blephasteam and massage (I squeeze as Dr Korb suggested) but I wonder if I can do anything for better results.
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    I use hot compresses every morning. Upon waking my eyes are very dry. Probably because my botox treatments may prevent them from closing entirely during the night. After the hot compress, my eyes are much more comfortable. I also massage them. They feel a little "oily" after.


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      Hi MGD1701. At one time I thought I saw another post from you asking what foamy/frothy discharge on the corners of the eyelids could be. I came across this article today on saponification and frothy tears, so wanted to share it with you.


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        Hi Hokucat
        Thanks. That is very thoughtful of you to remember.
        Went to see dr last week who said I dont need to do warm compress any more as now glands/oil are in good order. I finally managed to make thick oil to flow.
        But I will still do compress - dont want to take any risks.


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          Great news your oils are flowing now! Am assuming the quality of the oil is better too...are your eyes feeling better?

          What do you think were the key thing(s) that finally helped your oils flow? I've been reading that the body requires certain micronutrients to produce quality meibum, and even though the amounts needed are miniscule, if anything is missing that can affect the meibum.


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            Hi Hokucat

            my oil quality is ok - only too thick, due to years of untreated/clogged glands.
            Finally found doctors who checked glands 1 year ago and did LipiFlow which opened all glands.
            Since some months, I no longer suffer pain at night, in the morning or day time.

            How? with lots of research/experiments I realized by mself the keys are:
            thick oil needs higher heat and longer time to get thick oil flowing since high heat will damage cornea -
            facial steamer (43-44C), eye closed, 10-15 min. for about 1.5 month helped a lot.

            Eyes are still sometimes troublesome, but manageable.

            When I do Blephasteam, sometimes I blink forcefully for some minutes, more effective/safe than massage, in my view.
            To be honest, the oil feeling is similiar to LipiFlow - of course LipiFlow is more effective.
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              Hi MGD1701 Glad to hear u r doing better. I am suffering at the moment with my mgd. Thinking of trying Blephasteam googles and perhaps lipflow. Have they worked for you. May also need to have meibography.


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                Hi Linda
                Blephastem really very effective/safe, all studies support so too - I even use it to monitor oil = if I can feel oil in 3 min toward the end, then it is a good sign. I have been at this stage for some months but another dr said I still need to thin the oil - so confusing. I did less compress 3-5 times/week for about 10 days. Maybe that is why. No idea!

                Yes, Blephastem and LipiFlow helped me - in terms of clogged glands and thick oil. But good to check if you need BlephEx or probing - if so, do them first before LipiFlow for a max. results, I have read.

                Good luck!
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