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Blephasteam 'dry-eye cure' goggles - Out 2009

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  • Blephasteam 'dry-eye cure' goggles - Out 2009

    Anyone heard of these? They are "plugged in and used while watching TV or reading. They use the power of moist warm air to warm up the eyes.

    The goggles gently warm the eye to a temperature of 40c - warm enough to increase lubrication, but not so hot that they create steam, so you can still see for the ten minutes you need to wear them".

    The website claims that these googles could be a cure for dry eyes, and expected to be released sometime in 2009. Exciting news!

    Additional information available at

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    Yes, I had this on the blog awhile back and I think another user posted about it here before that. All I can say is "looks interesting but need more info".

    Speaking of blepha-you-name-it, out of curiosity, anybody in the UK shopped from the online store yet or familiar with these lid hygiene products?
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Zone


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      Hello, Rebecca!

      I use the Blephasol after cleaning my lids, and I find it very soothing and non-irritating. Also I have noticed that this product easily remove make-up that were left on my lashes (that I thought I had already removed with a make-up remover, but that obviously didn't remove all).

      Also the same company (Butterflies healthcare) has a website with make-up for sensitive and dry eyes, I just received my first order from them (an eyeliner and a maskara), and they seem very mild and non-irritating.

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        Why should their name be "BlephaSteam" if they don't actually create steam?
        Also, they won't CURE dry eyes, but probably have the potential to be a very effective way to warm the glands and improve symptoms.

        My dry eye doc told me he has a new prototype of glasses that you wear for about 10 minutes. I will see him again in 3 weaks and wonder if he means the Blephasteam ones...


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          Similar steam goggles will hit the European market this summer. The French pharmaceutical company TheŠ Pharma will sell them for about 200 € (equals 300 $).

          My dry eye specialist gave me a prototype for testing purposes. I couldn't test it yet because I'm waiting for him to send me a missing part. I am supposed to keep a diary about my impression.

          I tried to upload a picture but for some reason it doesn't work.


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            There's a picture in the first post. Also there were a couple of posts from the company making it on the blog recently:


            Look forward to hearing what you think of them... !!
            Rebecca Petris
            The Dry Eye Zone


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              Will they give me my money back if this does not cure my dry eyes ?
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                Hi All

                Just to say that I have recently been in touch with the makers of these things . I have agreed to pay cost price for a pair of these goggles and provide feedback. The gentleman I spoke to was very knowledgeable about all things DES and appeared to have a genuine interest and emphathy with patients rather than a purely commercial standpoint.

                I hope to get the goggles in the next couple of weeks and will post updates as to my experience with them.

                I wonder if I will look as 'cool' as the guy in the pic?


                The magic gloop IS out there somewhere - right?


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                  Just to let people know that we now have a small stock of these devices on our site at

                  Like others I will be interested to see how people will get on but they sound very promising especially for people with MGD at the route cause of their dry eye.
                  James Sutton
                  Butterflies Healthcare


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                    really really want to try these but very worried incase i waste £200.
                    not sure what to do.
                    may have to wait for reviews first but dont wana miss out.


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                      Hi All

                      Just to say I have recieved my Blephasteam goggles today - I have not yet had the time use them but quickly scanned the documentation.

                      The goggles take 10mins to reach the correct temp. The 'treatment period' then lasts for 10 mins when a bleep lets you know you are finished. There are paper 'inserts' that need to be wetted and inserted. The documentation states these need to be swapped out every time you use the device and a fresh set inserted. This was a little dissapointing as it will mean a continued cost to using the goggles.

                      I intend to try them out tonight and will post my experiences asap.


                      The magic gloop IS out there somewhere - right?


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                        It's just registered with me that they cost £200!


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                          Yes they are £200 however to defend the manufacturers they have stated that the goggles are very expensive to make and get through the various safety checks due to the potential for eye damage if they were to go faulty etc.

                          £200 is a lot but if they really help then they would be worth their weight in gold no?

                          I'll post my findings - fingers crossed

                          The magic gloop IS out there somewhere - right?


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                            I remember having a similar chat with a lovely lady when I bought my Tranquileyes - mainly about the costs that went into Research & Development etc.

                            I would happily have paid 10 times the amount (if they worked) but they weren't any good at all.

                            Leaving cynicism aside, I hope they work for you and keep us posted whatever the outcome.


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                              Today I finally got the "moisture rings" that are needed to use the BlephaSteam goggles. I wear them as I type. Here is a quick initial review:

                              + fits well and comfortably
                              + head strap can be easily adjusted
                              + comes in a practical little bag
                              + doens't fog up, can therefore be used while reading etc.

                              - expansive (230 €)
                              - no temperature switch
                              - relatively low standard temperature (!!!)
                              - takes 15 minutes to warm up

                              In conclusion, I doubt that this device is more effective than my beloved facial sauna because the "heat" is quite low.

                              But we will see. My dry eye doc measured my NIBUT, tear osmolarity and lacrimal gland production today and will measure these again after 3 weeks of having used the BlepheSteam googles.



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