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IPL for red veins in eyes

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    Originally posted by drydm View Post

    I haven't tried chamber glasses yet. I found one but don't really know where to use them. I can't wear them at work. Just at home? Do you use them all time or occasionally? What kind of effect did you have?
    Have you done IPL? If so did you find any improvements?
    I wear them during all waking hours. If you plan to use moisture chamber glasses you should ideally wear them throughout the time your eyes are open.

    Is there a reason other than aesthetics for not wearing them at work?

    After I have started using the MCGs my eyes have been much better. My eyes were constantly getting hit by inflammation associated with the evaporation of the tear film. They have made my life manageable during my worst times.

    Yes I had IPL done and it didn't have any significant impact. It's rather an illogical choice. My problem is low volume of secretions due to inflammation. IPL helps cut the inflammation but only for a short period of time. I don't have hardened lipids so IPL didn't make an immediate impact for me. I am currently on doxycycline and they are working wonderfully. This indicates my problem is inflammation. You should try to troubleshoot the roots of your problem before you decide to opt for expensive treatments. Otherwise you might not get the expected results and get demoralized.


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      For dry eye problem, I used Systane Ultra, it's a lubricant eye drops. I don't know if it will work for you but for me and my family, it is very good for us. my optometrist prescribed this to me.


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        Originally posted by drydm View Post
        Hi, did IPL reduce red veins in your eyes? I have this permanent red veins. Some times they are more visible sometimes less. Some doctors say it will go, also there are those who say it will stay and there is nothing to do. I have been checked with a private doctor who said all my glands are open however the oil is thick. And he advised IPL.
        I tried to explain that I made my red veins worse with warm compresses but he said it's impossible and it's just a disease. Also, he seemed to have no interest to give me any other treatment but insisted on IPL. However, I would like to find any other alternative to IPL.
        So now I'm in between 3 months of doxy or IPL.
        Did you have any positive result of any of treatment regarding red veins?

        Try dropping pure calamansi juice in your eyes, you may feel a stinging effect but there is a relaxation and difference afterwards.


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