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Steriod help and omega 3

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  • Steriod help and omega 3

    Can a steriod drop be taken more than once?? I was on Alrex for 2 weeks this summer in July, but now I'm wondering if I need it again...would it be possible to ask my doctor for this??
    Also, I want the best source of omega 3 and flaxseed oil seemed to help a little more than fish oil but I read somewhere that flaxseed oil can raise estrogen levels...this doesnt sound that good and I've been taking flaxseed oil supplements for that bad??
    Thank you soo much!

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    Steroids can be useful if the cause of the dryness is an inflammatory condition, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, SLE, etc. My advice is to back to your doctor, inform them if the steroid helped or not, inform them of any other general health complaints, such as stiff joints or stomach problems and let them decide.

    I am not sure about the flaxseed oil raising estrogen levels, but I have not heard any issues with my patients that use it.




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      A steroid drop is typically used on a short term basis. The rationale behind prescribing a steroid is to reduce inflammation acutely. Oftentimes, steroids are over prescribed because they seem to be a great "relief" to many patients. Long term therapy of topical steroids is rarely indicated (especially in dry eye). The mechanism of action of a steroid is by acting on phospholipase A-2 etc etc, and is very similar to fish oil.

      If a steroid did decrease inflammation and make your eyes feel better, the goal would be stay on a viable long term regimen. This would include, but is not limited to high dose fish oil, cyclosporine, azythormycin, and proper lid hygiene if indicated by your doctor.

      As for the flaxseed oil, I am unaware of any link between flax and estrogen level. However, alpha-linoleic acid (plant based omega 3's in flax) is MUCH less bioavailable than animal sourced omega 3's (EPA/DHA). For a very indepth analysis and discussion of fish oil, refer to a previous thread entitled amount EPA/DHA to see what I have to say about them.

      Dr. Matter


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        Omega 3 and inflammation

        Thank you Ahmed and drmatter for your responses!!
        Sorry it took me a few days to respond...So I was unable to get an appointment with my eye doctor until the 15th of november and I've been absolutly miserable the past 2 weeks. Until, do you think I should up my omega 3 supplementation? I'm almost sure, the cold weather is making me a bit worse...
        Also, another thing I'm kind of afraid of is that if I increase my intake of omega 3 supplements, with my skin start to become oily...when I took fish oil for a shorter time months ago, my skin was extremely oily and did not help my eyes much at all and that is why I switched to flaxssed oil....
        I'm almost tempted to go for one of those supplement brands for eye health containing more than omega 3..Any suggestions on brands for omega 3??? thank you again soo much!!


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