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Looking for patients/doctors having experience with Mucosta!

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  • Looking for patients/doctors having experience with Mucosta!

    Hi there!

    Earlier this year I was prescribed Mucosta for the first time (imported to Norway from Japan). As my eye doctor has very little experience with the product and there are very few patients in Norway using the drops (they are very expensive and not covered by the state at the time being), I hope to get in contact with someone who I can discuss the treatment with.

    As this is a Japanese product I assume most patients that has been using it so far are from Japan.

    Does anyone know about a Japanese dry eye forum (where it's possible to communicate in English)?



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    Hi Toril,

    It's been such a very long time. How are you doing?
    Saw your posts about mucosta. The one in february and the one earlier this month.
    Also noticed you got zero replies. I am also highly interested in hearing more about experiences people have with these drops.
    (The same goes for diquafosol drops btw).
    Here on these boards are a few topics about these drops. (For instance 'State if the art' ,Aquaman 2013). I am sure you have seen them all.
    Also there are numerous scientific publications to be found on the internet. I read quite a few of them and they all sound very promising i must say.
    Here in The Netherlands these asian drops are not covered by insurance too. And they are (very) expensive. The international online mimaki family pharmacy carries both rebamipide,mucosta and diquafosol drops. They seem to have the best prices as far as i have been able to figure out.

    If you happen to find testimonials from people who have experiences with these drops,would you please be so kind to share them here? Thanks in advance.😉

    Best regards,
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      Hi there, Patrick!

      Yes, it's been a very long time! I'm not on here very often these days, so just saw your message now.

      I guess very few patients in Europe have tried the drops as they are not covered by the government/insurance here. In Norway T°rre°yneklinikken (the dry eye clinic on Oslo) has applied to get Diquafosol covered (I thought they would apply for Mucosta as well, but they didn't as the products are very similar), but it didn't go through so far. The government asked for more documentation, in spite of already having enough documentation according to my doctor. I haven't talked to anyone else using Mucusta or Diquafosol yet, but my eye doctor told me many patients had given the feedback they liked the drops. In my case I just tried Mucosta for about 2 weeks, and then I took a break as I found it difficult to use the drops 4 times a day (wasn't easy to combine with the other drops I'm using in my dry eye treatment regimen). They also burned a bit (just for 5-10 min. though) and gave a bad aftertaste. I still got drops (and yes, they are so expensive) and I would be interested in selling them to an other Mucosta user for half the price.

      Hope everything's fine with you!



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        Hi Toril,

        Sorry for responding this late.😕
        Been tired,busy,sick and whatnot.
        But i am doing fairly okay these days i must admit. My eyes are a constant worry,but somehow,like many others, i've found a way to cope with it and continue my life a good as i can.

        Strange that the Norwegian government has all the necessary documentation to make a decision about whether or not having these drops covered by insurance and still they do not make that decision. It's very similar here in The Netherlands. For some reason these things always seem to take ages. Very annoying.

        I can imagine that adding yet another 4 drops per day to your daily regimen is quite a hassle. Was the bitter aftertaste really that bad? Is the burning after instillation about the same compared to restasis? Btw. i quit restasis. I gave it a fair chance,but i felt it did absolutely nothing for me.

        I am still in doubt if i want to give mucosta a try. Can't find a lot of user reviews on the interweb. What would you say?
        How much mucosta have you left to sell?

        Hope everything is fine with you to!



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          Hi again!

          I saw your message just now. Don't log on here very often these days.

          I guess the Norwegian government is trying to save money and therefore is trying to avoid having Mucosta and Diquafosol covered. They're showing the same tendency when it comes to other expensive drugs.

          I would say the stinging upon installation (and which in my case lasted a bit afterwards) is similar to Restasis. I've been using Restasis since 2007, and it's an important part of my dry eye regimen. It's not making any big changes to my dry eye condition, but I believe it's reducing the inflammation in my eyes to some extent. By the way, from what I could read Mucosta isn't supposed to sting upon installation, so it might be just me. The aftertaste is mentioned in the description of the drops.The taste is not pleasant (a bit like the aftertaste of antibiotic eyedrops), but it goes away after some time.

          I have 308 pipettes left (77 days of use), so if you're interested in buying any of these left me know (they expire in 2018).