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Flow controller punctal plugs.

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  • Flow controller punctal plugs.

    Hello everyone, im 23 and ive had problems with dry eyes for 6 months now, i have tried many things, that have failed.
    The thing that worked the best for me are punctal plugs, the problem with those is that, with 2 lower plugs in, my eyes are still very dry and painful, but with 4 plugs in, i have tear overflow, dry eye symptoms disappear but the tears overflowing, blurring my vision and pouring down my face every 2mn is as bad as having dry eyes.

    I saw that 2 companies online sell flow controller plugs,
    They still, let some tears drain through a tiny hole in the middle of the plugs, so, no more tear overflow and good bye dry eyes.
    It seems to be perfect, right in the middle of between 2 and 4 plugs.

    The only problem is that i cant find a doctor that has those, they only have the regular punctal plugs, and i ask them if they could order some for me, they just say that they cant.
    (I guess they are under contract with some other brands and are under obligation to only order from them)

    I called and went to 5 different ophthalmologists in the bay, and they always say the same thing, they cant do that for me,(with out giving me a specific reason).
    And advise me to try restasis again... Im so tired of hearing that ! It doesn't work on me ! Only plugs do !

    So i called the companies that sell those plugs (eagle vision and oasis) to see with they could give me the names of the doctors that order from them, so i would know which doctor to make an appointment with.
    But they refused ! They said it was confidential information and they could nt give me the names !
    What ??!! Then what am i suppose to do ?
    Ive seen 20 doctors in the bay area and nothing seems to be working except the punctal plugs.
    Ive spent $6000 on this disease already and its not getting any better !

    So my question is : did anyone on this website had the flow controller plugs put in ?
    Or does anyone know a doctor that has them ?
    Im willing to drive anywhere in the west to find them, the pain is too intense.
    I could drive to nevada,washington, oregon, new mexico, it doesn't matter.. i just need an address..

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    Any one had the flow controllers then? I would be interested in trying them in my uppers. But guessing if your struggling to find them in America. I will have a low chance in the uk.


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