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Boston Prose fitting-How long were you there for?

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  • Boston Prose fitting-How long were you there for?


    I live in Utah and have exhausted all other dry eye options which has led me to the Boston Prose lens. I am a school counselor and only get about 10 sick days a year. I want to use 5 to go in January and get fitted for the lenses. On their website it says 4-12 days. How many Prose users have gotten a perfect fit in 5 days or less? My boyfriend thinks we should wait until the summer....but that is sooooo far away!!!!!!!!!

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    I recently went to USC for them and it took about a week. The doctor was aware that I had traveled and helpful in speeding the process along. It took the full 5 days (I arrived Sunday night and came home late Friday). It took multiple visits to the office most days. The process can take time because you have to be fitted and they may want to re-fit you (it took 2 pairs to get my fit right). Had the second pair not fit well, I probably would have had to stay a bit longer. I credit my doctor for being so amazing with getting the fit right. If you do it in California, where I did, they have to have them overnighted from Boston so that can slow you down a bit but my doctor started me with the insertion process, etc so we kept on schedule.

    Besides getting the right fit, the other thing that can take a while is learning how to insert and take them out. I got mine on the first try but my second and third insertions weren't as successful; it takes practice! Still, because I did it so easily the first try, we knew I wouldn't have to stay longer to learn how to use them. I've been told that there's a doctor in San Francisco that now does them too so there are 2 West Coast options, in addition to Boston. I was told that if you've worn contacts before or aren't sensitive about sticking your finger in your eye, the insertion process is easier to learn.


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      Thanks for the info! I think since I'm going all the way to Boston I should plan on a full two weeks. It sounds like fit is very important. How do you like yours and what's your dx ?


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        five days.


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          I am thinking I had better set aside 8 business days so that means waiting until march


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            I like them quite a lot. I don't wear them daily because glasses are easier for me and they do require quite a bit of care. Still, I wear them when we'll be places there may be air conditioning and things like that. The freedom of being able to keep my eyes open in a room with air conditioning is AMAZING! I'm hoping they will allow me to ski this year. I DO continue to use eye drops with them so that I can open & close my lids easily and to prevent mucous buildup but using drops is no big deal when your eyes are comfortable for once!


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              I was at Wilmer in Baltimore on a Monday and left Thursday by lunch time. I was lucky as I only needed one fitting to be sent from Boston. Had them for 9 months and they have been a godsend. Good luck with your visit. Mike


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                You don't need to wait until the summer. I'd say if you are a "tough" fit plan on 5-6 different fittings at worst. If you don't go to Boston you will have the "overnight" of each prescription which adds a day or two. . .

                I would say worst case scenario you will be said and done in 10 days. I live in Michigan and about an hour away from University of Michigan, which has a prose clinic, thank goodness. I just had to drive back and forth every few days for each fit as my schedule permitted.

                Thank goodness I did. I can't say enough about my lenses. They gave me my life back. I've been wearing them almost a year now and they are awesome. Find a way to do it. You will be so happy you did.