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    Today is my first day wearing my lens for 6 hours. I have no real discomfort but do feel there is something in my eye. My eye is also a little blurry and I noticed that the tiny black dot that should be at 12 o'clock has moved slightly.Is this usual at the beginning?
    Thank you in advance for any response

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    this was my same experience. As your eye gets used to the lens and your sclera tolerates them better the dot will stay in place. I had the dot move slightly but now it stays in place a couple months later and i hardly notice the lenses in my strong eye and only occasionally feel it in my weaker eye. Overall for me they have been a godsend and i am amazed how quickly i have adapted to them in the last 7 months total that i have had them. Just make sure to keep them clean (i soak mine every night in clear care solution with the basket) and refill with saline solution as needed throughout the day if necessary. I also use Aquify drops a couple times a day just to increase comfort. I wear mine anywhere from 12-14 hours a day now but was only about 4-6 hours for the first couple weeks. I found a great adaptive device for inserting the lenses at which has made inserting the lenses so much easier and quicker. By the way i got my scleral lenses through Dr. Greg Gemoules in Dallas and it was a great experience all around. Good luck and i hope they work out for you.
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      Thanks so much Fitch for your reply and encouragement. The Dr felt I did very well other than what she called "debris" in the lens.She also mentioned that some patients with only one lens are more aware at the beginning than people who are wearing lenses in both eyes.That did make sense to me. She said I may have to remove it and refill which it sounds like you do if you feel it necessary. I may also try putting celluvisc and saline in the lens as she said that helps some patients. All in all a good day with a huge light at the end of what has been a long tunnel.There is a new prose clinic at University of Miami's Bascom Palmer Plantation Fl location. They recently opened up an Ocular Surface center headed by Dr Victor Perez. Dr.Priscilla Sotomayor, who is a BostonSight clinical fellow, is the Dr who has been fitting me with my lens.
      Thanks again I am looking forward to saying 7 months and 12-14 hours like you did.