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Is there life after FML?

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  • Is there life after FML?

    As many of you know I had been loosing my mind when the itching and burning feeling in my eyes got out of control.

    All the symptoms went again as soon as I got on FML eye drops. I've been using them for two weeks now but I know I can't stay on them for very long. Life has returned to being what it used to be before DES so I'm now wondering if as soon as I get off FML I will be living in hell again.

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    I also have been prescribed Flarex(brother of fml!) by the best doctor of India.
    But my regular optho says i shudnt be taking steriods.its not gonna change things forever.U will feel like heaven as long as u r on this drop as soon as u stop, it will be back to where u were...and will feel i shud start this drops again.!But the drops contains steriods which will affect 2 thing mainly.
    1)IOP will increase
    2)It may lead to an earlier cataract.

    Considering these serious effects, using fml for 1 month of soothing eye dsnt seem to be a good idea.
    He added, fml/flarex is mild and does not get absorbed in body so it dsnt get into ur blood.

    i read an online article comparing FML and Flarex.Both r same products by different pharmas.
    It was written that, the chanced of developing above mentioned condition is there in both the drops but Flarex has an upper hand as it will take longer time to produce the above mentioned 2 effects compared to FML.

    Im going to be operated for cauttery on 24th noon.then i will start anti biotic + chlocol(anti bacterial)+ Flarex +Systane(Instead of genteal eye drops).
    Really need to be a ROCK to take the pain!


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      Ariel, I'm glad you have some relief, even if temporary. It gives you some time where you can think more clearly without dealing also with the pain and other awful symptoms.

      You need a plan for continuing treatment after the FML has done it's job of reducing the inflammation.

      I hope you can find a doctor you can trust who will give you a plan for when you will have to taper off the FML.


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        Thank you magood and hirentherock--- I hope to hear from more people who've used FML so I can get some feedback on what to do. I was ready to jump out the window before I started using it. It's like I've seen the sun come out now. I would hate going back to cursing life every minute of the day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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          Can I increase the number of days I'm on FML drops if I only use them once a day?

          Before i started using them I was doing eyelid scrubs twice a day and I felt like ****. Now I'm doing none --becayse I've been travelling-- and I feel really good.


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            I'm not sure about this since I'm not a doctor but do you think that being on restasis would help your condition after being on the FML? Maybe once your major inflammation is reduced from the FML, being on restasis long term would help keep it low somewhat? What does your doctor say about post FML care?



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              If you enter FML into the search here you will find lots of posts about it's use long term. Also, you can check out the other similar steroid drops.

              Whatever you do, if you stay on steroid drops, you need to have a doctor checking your eyes regularly!

              Introducing other drop(s) that will keep the inflammation down will be important.
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                I have been taking cyclosporine at 1% with liposomes for three months now, about twice a day, and I have continued taking it during the few weeks I've been on FML, also once or twice a day.

                The problem with cyclosporine --for what I know--- is that even at a high concentration (Restasis is 0.05%) it may take months or even a year to show its benefits, if it does.

                FML has brought immediate relief and I'm hoping that cyclosporine drops have also been doing what they're supposed to, except that I won't know if they have until I've been on it much longer.

                The question is: Can cyclosporine work while you're taking FML on and off or does FML interfere with the work cyclosporine is doing?

                I'd be good to hear from people that have combined their use.


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                  Steriod eye drops like FML shudnt be used as per our wish.
                  It has to be used with a planned action.U cannot use it once a day for for long time.
                  I have been prescribed the frequency of drops this way.
                  for 1st week:4x/day
                  for 2nd week:3x/day
                  for 3rd week:2x/day
                  for 4th week 1x/day

                  I had taken oral steriod also 2 years back.They were also given like this by a different doctor.Doctor says if u dont take it this way, it will cause complications.

                  So, Ariel, dont use fml without consulting ur doctor neither stop it using suddenly once that u have started it.Preferably maintain timing on daily basis.i.e.If u take it daily 8am 12pm 6 pm 9pm, then maintain same timing everyday.Thats what i have been advised.
                  Really need to be a ROCK to take the pain!


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                    Hirentherock--- The doctors that prescribed FML to me are ------. So they have not gone any further than telling me to use it three times a day. One of them said for a week, the next for three...

                    As I said, they are all clueless which is why I'll be traveling to Japan and Germany to find a doctor who can take charge of my treatment and provide clear instructions as to what do and not do.

                    For the time being, I would if I can get by using FML drops once a day I should not use them more often. Correct? The less FML I use better, or am I missing something???


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                      Its not about using it less or more...the basic funda is, when u start it, keep dosage for 1-2-3 weeks same...frequecy shud be same...then u want to get off it, reduce it gradually not at once...suppose if u use it 4x a day for 2 weeks, then reduce it it gradually like next 2 weeks 3x , next 2 weeks 1x then stop.
                      Stopping is suddenly is not advised at all.Also dont use it, well today im not feeling good let me day u wont...thats not the way to use steriods...
                      Also keep in mind, after u stop it fully(gradually), u will feel u shud be using it was soothing before...etc...

                      It will take abt a month or 2 to get rid of the addication ur eye had for it.

                      Im not above doctors, hence take advise of some other optho also for this.
                      Really need to be a ROCK to take the pain!


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                        I'm not following this so anyone who can shed some light on this subject please feel free to do so. You mention "addition". If the eyes gets addicted to FML I would think the greater the frequency and the the amount of FML drops you instill in them the greater the addiction and the greater increase of the OP you can cause.

                        Doesn't it work that way?


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                          Yes its true the more u use, more u get addicted.
                          But what i meant to say is, by thinking that fml will increase ur IOP, dont stop using it suddenly.Stop it gradually. My emphasis on HOW u take it and stop it.

                          My concern for u was, not to stop using it very suddenly.Reduce gradually and leave.

                          From my previous oral steroid and topical steriods therapy i have got this info.
                          Really need to be a ROCK to take the pain!


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