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dryness from lotemax

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  • dryness from lotemax

    One of lotemax's side effects is dryness. Do they mean permanent dryness of just while using the drops? What about allergy eyedrops, is the dryness just temporary?

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    I used Lotemax for several days and it made things worse. Stopped it and things got back to where they were. Same thing with Zaditor. Will stick to preservative free staff.

    You can try green tea or chamomile.Helps me


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      it is the preservative.. i have to use non preserved prednisol if i need a steriod drop or allergy drop-i get it from Leiters Pharmacy in Cali. Some people don't do well with preservatives-i am one of those-after2-3 days your tear film should go back to what it was before.. Same exact thing happened to me with Lotemax...


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        I loved using lotemax, it made my eyes so white again. Before lotemax I looked like a serious drug user and I am a high school teacher so that was not a good thing. However, steroids caused my eye pressure to rise a lot. I could not go off lotemax cold turkey, I had to wean myself off it. Now I look at the bottle longingly in my medicine cabinet, but I don't use it.

        I think different things work differently for all of us. It is depressing when you read on this forum about something that helped so many others and then it does not work for you. I know I am disturbed when no one else on the forum has any of the strange symptoms that I have.

        The nice thing is there are a LOT of different medications and drops out there. Hopefully you will find one that will work well for you.


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          I was on Lotemax for 10 days and my eyes are as bad as they've ever been - extremely dry, working is miserable, and I even woke up last night from the pain. Has anyone who's had this side effect gotten better?? It's been 5 days since I stopped using the Lotemax and no improvement...