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hospital "runs out" of steroid drops

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    Bennyboy, I responded to your PM and then also noticed your reply.

    For anyone elses information in Australia also affected by the steroid shortage, there is no sign from my hospital of the pred minims being available again anytime soon. I think people affected should lodge an official complaint with their hospital, as it is the job of the public hospital system to have strategies in place to handle shortages of medications. They should be offering alternatives, which for me they are not.


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      Had a pathetic reply from the hospital to my complaint RE no steroid minims.

      From their response there appears no hope of being able to get pred minims of any brand in Australia anytime in the forseeable future. In fact this brand of pred minims is in worldwide shortage.

      It is possible to get another brand of pred minims ordered from overseas but it isn't approved in Australia and so has to go through a ridulously time consuming process to get (like is the case with Azasite, I have been waiting three months so far and no sign of it arriving anytime soon).

      Apparently there is dexamethasone (probably wrong spelling) minims available but the eye doctor I saw was too dense to prescribe these instead even though they supposedly knew about the shortage.


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        LOL got a call from the hospital about 4 months after I initially tried to get the azasite and pred minims. They said they finally had the scripts for me. I told them I wasn't going to their eye clinic anymore since they couldn't fill my prescriptions, it was pointless. I guess the hospital probably wasted a couple of hundred bucks on azasite they will have to throw out now as it's a special order.


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