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Steroids - different types

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  • Steroids - different types


    I wonder if some of you knowlegable people could give me some advice/insight on two different types of steroids.

    I was given a steroid to try, Prednisolone on my final visit with my first Opthamologist. As it was my final visit, and that he shocked me with the list of possible side effects, I didn't use the steroid.

    I have since being seeing a different Opth who has now prescirbed me FML to try with helping with my inflamation.

    What is the difference between these two types steroid? Anybody have any experience of one being any better than the other for helping them with inflamation?


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    Hi ScottishDave,

    As I understand it, FML and Lotemax are known as 'soft steroids'. They are less potent than the prednisones and cortisones. The soft steroids are considered to have less side effects than the potent group of steroids. The 'soft' steroids tend not to raise eye pressure when used for a couple of weeks to a month. I tried Lotemax for a bit but found it to be very drying.

    Best of luck,


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      Steroids other than cortisone itself are compared to it.

      Cortisone is base potency , other steroids are usually more potent. I have a list at home where the equivalents are given, could also be found on the net.

      Dexamethasone is 30x stronger for example than (Hydro-)Cortisone (not used for drops I think)
      Prednison like 2-4x

      So to speak of Prednison as a "soft steroid" could be wrong.
      You shouldn't use any steroid drop for extended periods of time.


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        I used Lotemax for over two years. It was the only thing that helped my dry eye pain. I do have an early cataract, not sure if that is from the Lotemax. My IOP went up about 6 mm hg and stayed there while I was on the Lotemax. I was watched closely. Recently my IOPs shot up to 45/34. My Lotemax was stopped. I'm not convinced my IOP elevation was due to the Lotemax. I am told I have Glaucoma so Lotemax is off the table for me, at least for now. I am one of the lucky ones who had symptoms, many people don't. No matter what kind of steroids you try, it is best to use them only for a few weeks at a time. If you use them long term, be sure to have your IOP checked frequently and have retinal scans done as well.
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