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addiction to hydrocortisone!! helpp

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  • addiction to hydrocortisone!! helpp

    Hi All

    I'm 20 years old and have been suffering from dry eyes for around 5 years (give or take)... initially when I went to the eye doctor here in the UK they suggested I use a cream called hc45 which is hydrocortisone 1%... I used to use it daily and back then it was less severe so I thought it worked wonders... then recently my dry eyes have gone much worse and what usually happens is the eyelids seem to drop becomes they have become inflammed due to the dryness it used to happen every couple of months but now its weeks and i decided to stop the hc45 and stick to the drops/oiments/supplements etc... this helped somewhat but I keep going back to hc45 and find it the best relief as i dont have to use drops/oiments as often and i dont wake up to nasty drooped eyelids. However, i hear that the constant use of this cream has bad effects and I was wondering if there are others here who have the same problem or how have you overcome it? etc

    Thanks for all the help!

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