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Fluorometholone Question I

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  • Fluorometholone Question I

    I am on Fluorometholone ophthalmic suspension (0.1%) doing one drop 3X daily in each eye. This is part of a ramped up Bridge Regimen of drugs and treatments to carry me until I hit maintenance level with immunotherapy; my situation is basically severe allergic reactions exacerbating chronic eye (MGD & bleph) and lung conditions. Immunotherapy has made a huge difference for my eyes in the past; am hoping for same bounce this time.

    When my ophthalmologist prescribed this increased FML dosage in early-September he said my "intraocular pressure has been consistently low over the last few months and this is a basis for prescribing FML 3 times a day. We’ll need to keep a close watch on your IOP tho because of this.” All good. I get out to the front desk after the appointment and the person there informs me that I need to set my next appt for December. 3 months from that day.

    I didn’t say anything but wondered at the time if every an 3 month check-up is what constitutes a “close watch” on my eye pressure. Looking on the NIH and few other websites, reading a few journal articles, etc. about FML and IOP I could not find a recommended time period but did learn that IOP should checked "routinely," even "frequently." Am also mindful that this a clinic where I've had multiple mix ups and mistakes with doctors and staff.

    So Fluorometholone Question I is: How often should I be coming in to get my eye pressure checked? Does anyone have some insights about/experience with this?


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