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Lotemax for DLK? Is this even DLK?

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  • Lotemax for DLK? Is this even DLK?

    I am now 6.5 weeks post lasik and doc has had me on Lotemax IN ONE EYE for about 4 of those weeks. One week I went off it and they told me to go back on. I've been back on it about a week as of now.

    They told me to do 2x a day when I started back on it. Can twice a day even do anything? I think what they may be treating me for now is DLK, but they haven't really said that to me. If it's DLK, does Lotemax even help? I read that Pred Forte is the way to go. And that it should be dosed hourly for 1 day then tapered. I have a bunch of prednisolone still from post surgery and wondering if I should go on it, though I know it is more likely to cause IOP increase so maybe it's not safe to just do that without dr. orders?

    The reason I'm on the Lotemax still is continuing pain/discomfort and poor vision quality. I had cloudiness and a flap wrinkle in the right eye that appeared within less than an hour after surgery, which was "smoothed" on day 1. The night of my surgery I saw my optometrist for an emergency visit b/c of the discomfort and he did find an eyelash in my eye. This seemed unimportant, but now I'm wondering about its significance. Could that have triggered DLK?

    Six weeks later, I'm left with occasional haze, overall blurriness, lack of clarity and loss of contrast though I am 20/20. I started with no astigmatism (so they said) but now I have .5 so maybe it is getting worse. They attempted refractive correction at last visit and it didn't help my vision at all.

    They have not said that they are treating me for DLK (and I didn't know to ask), but now they are talking about lifting my flap and irrigating, and everything they are saying seems consistent with DLK treatment. Except they aren't putting me on pred forte. I'm scared about rushing to treat the flap.

    Also, if DLK has progressed enough to warrant a flap lift shouldn't the docs be able to see signs of it through the slit lamp? They've only told me the cornea looks clear so far. Unless after that last visit they just chose not to tell me it's getting worse. I'm starting to wonder.

    I'm also on Restasis in both eyes for dry eye.
    My left eye has perfect vision and is fine besides mild dry eye.

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