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  • This month's decisions and news

    So, I have decided to make a few changes on the path to feeling better:

    1) Changed my glasses to a more accurate perscription + nickel free frame. I recently found out I am allergic to nickel, so I would like to eliminate every possible allergen...

    2) Changed all my soaps, cremes and cosmetics to fragrance free products. My allergy test showed that I have skin sensitivity to perfume, so perhaps my eyes are affected as well? (stopped wearing perfume as well).

    3) Yoga classes - for the inner peace.
    In my new yoga center we actually do some eye exercises, which has been an interesting experience.

    4) Try to use as little artificial tears as possible. I have noticed that if I use them too often, my eyes dry out much much quicker and I end up pouring into my eyes one little container right after the other.

    5) Go back to reading. Audio books are not the same.

    6) Drops to alleviate allergies twice a day.
    anyone has had an experience with them?

    7) Allergist recommended Alegra, what do you think? Still haven't bought it because insurance won't cover and there were too many expenses this month.

    8) Start looking for a job. I was going to go to Grad school, but I had to decline my acceptance. Don't think I will be able to study that much in my current state.

    Well,I will keep you updated as to any future developments and hopefully improvements.

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    Originally posted by Martush View Post
    5) Go back to reading. Audio books are not the same.
    Just wanted to interject a thought. This is not the same as a "real" book either but... I recently got an iPad and though I certainly didn't get it for this reason, I find I am totally, totally loving being able to read books in giant print and in low contrast, whatever size I want. I don't know anything about the other electronic book readers (kindle etc) but presumably there's something much cheaper than an iPad that can do the same.

    Dry eyes get strained much more easily than healthy eyes. Big print is good.
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Zone


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      RE: Kindle

      I love my Kindle... and the font options!


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        Kindles really are great...they have don't have the backlighting that monitors/ipads/ipods have so they are easier on the eyes. they look like print, but they're not!


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          A great idea

          Thanks guys,
          Do you actually feel that reading kindle/ipad is easier on your eyes than reading a printed book?

          I am asking because I found that reading from any screen is strenuous for my eyes and increases dryness... But I haven't tried kindle/ipad....


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            Re: Kindle

            For me, the Kindle is great. It's easier than a book and MUCH MUCH easier than a computer screen, IMHO. It gave me back the pleasure of reading.


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              I'll look into getting one myself now!!


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                I too missed reading but my Kindle solved that. I can read for about an hour sometimes two. It used to take a coup
                e of days to get through Time magazine and now I read cover to cover in one sitting.I also get the Sunday edition of the New York Times for .99 cents and that has been great. I hadn't read a book in years and this summer I read 3 books during a weeks vacation. Bob C


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