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  • my dry eyes story

    i have dry eyes i have had them since may of 2005 its been almost a year and it just gets worrise with time for me. the doctors think i also have sjogrens syndrome as well. i have tryed almost everything this past year and it seams like nothing has helped i have been in and out of doctors offices and its no fun . life has been hard but i am getting through it one hour at a time. i hope that someday soon i will be back to normal again so i can go outside and do what i want to do.
    enjoy ur week
    dreaming of a better life.

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    What are you doing to try and manage your eyes at the moment?


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      i have tryed everything

      hi this is dreaming of a better life. i have tryed all of the eye drops on my listes that the eye doctors have given me i have tryed them all from the bio tears to genteal to mositur eye to the oinment to systane to soothe to reastsis and other tear drops that i cant think of there names right now. i have been on doctors orders to eat spinish and take pills for it and somedays i just want to run away from it all but it dosent work cause my eyes come with me. i have water with me were ever i go its just llike it never ends and someday i feel fine but my eyes say other wise i do everything i can pluse i do what the doctor tells me to do. i even had to have plugs put in my eyes in june of last year and i have tryed the contact lenses but the lenses made my eyes blister so that didnt do any good so now we are just trying to make it through this and hope that the doctor can figuer me out after i get my blood test done. the eye doctor said he wanted me to get my blood work done so he can figuer me out through the blood test i hope. thanks for talking to me. dreaming of a better life


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        I know its little consolation but at least youre getting blood tests done so they can confirm sjorgrens syndrome (and other auto-immune conditions) or leave it out of the equation. If it does turn out that you have a condition like this, then at least you will know what is causing your eye problems and your doctor can target treatments more specifically to your needs.

        Are your eyes red at all? It may be that there is some inflammation that needs to be brought under control. I think thats part of my problem and it is quite difficult and time consuming to see improvement with this.

        First things first, you need to try and find out why this is happening to you - Hopefully you're blood work might give some clues. If not, at least certain things can be ruled out - again, not much consolation when you're feeling crap - believe me, I know.

        Good luck and let us know what you're tests reveal. (Should you wish to of course!)



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          thanks and i will let u know.

          thanks for ur support its hard becasue my family and i have done every thing we can do right now. i am hoping my blood test well say what is wrong with me. i will let u know what the test reveal when i get them back. i am not sure if there is red or not. thanks for talking to me it sure has helped me becasue i dont feel alone anymore i know iam not when i come online to here. i will let u know as soon as i find out what my blood test say. i am getting it done this up coming week. so by mid april i am hoping i should know more. thanks for ur friendship its nice to talk to someone with dry eyes syndrome. dreaming of a better life.


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            Well, you're in the right place. All of us here are dreaming of a better life. I am curious if you've read the methods of dry eye managed mentioned here...among them hot compresses and omega 3 supplements. You may even consider scleral lenses eventually. Take a close look at what people are doing here. Perhaps you'll find something to ease your discomfort.

            Good luck!

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              were do i find the omaga 3 stuff to read it?

              hi thanks for writeing to me. where do i find the pages u where talking about the methods or something the omaga 3? i am just doing what i can to make life more easyer for me and a lot less painful. enjoy ur day and thanks again for the info. dreaming of a better life.


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                Try this link:
                nutritional supplements

                I have been taking the Omega3/fish oil for a couple of months, and do notice worsening of my DES if I miss a day. Use a high quality supplement like Twin Labs Super Max EPA. I read where it can take up to 6 weeks to start seeing benefit. Take one cap twice daily. Contrary to what others have shared, I have not experienced fish oil burps with this product!
                Every day with DES is like a box of chocolates...You never know what you're going to get.


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                  i have to agree with u kitty

                  i have taken omega 3 with fish oil but i have to take 4 at a time and those pills are big. yes right now my life is a box of chocolats with DES its no fun its a pain in the eyes .i am only 22 on wensday of this up comeing week on the 29th and iam feeling like i am falling apart at the seams health wise. i hope the doctors can figuer me out soon cause this is justing old for me and my family its like they hurt just watching me hurt. i am glade that i found this site because i can talk to anyone and they would understand what i mean. thanks for sending me a post.
                  dreaming of a better life


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                    Dreaming, that is what we are here for. This is the one please where we can all come and be understood. Those who do not suffer from this horrific ailment can't possibly begin to understand.
                    Every day with DES is like a box of chocolates...You never know what you're going to get.


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                      its been nice to know i am not alone in all of this i am greatful that there are others out there just like me how have DES. i know that this is life for us right now but we all have each other to help get through this. i dont know why i didnt find this site last year when all of my eye problems started in may. today my DES has given me a chocolate covered carmeal filled candy day my favorit not to much pain just a happy day. hope everything is going well for u.
                      dreaming of a better life


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                        I've been thinking about you a bit. Have you tried goggles for outdoor wear? tHey can help you preserve those good days...
                        Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.


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                          i well have too look in to that

                          thanks for the suggestion i well look into the goggles so i can go outside and take in those good spring time days. i well have to try the goggles idea when i am outdoors. do they have goggles here on the shop page for daytime use just like they have for nighttime use?
                          thanks dreaming of a better life


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                            Originally posted by dreaming of a better life
                            do they have goggles here on the shop page for daytime use just like they have for nighttime use?
                            In the shop there are Panoptx DryEyeWear with the Orbital Seal (that's kind of the gold standard) and Wiley-X SealTek eyewear (not as good protection but the foam is lower profile so visual field is larger). To tell the truth we have them in the Dry Eye Shop mostly in order to let people know some examples of the kinds of eyewear available... usually best, if possible, to find a local place where you can try them on. Harley Davidson dealerships are a good source. The brands I mentioned are quite expensive but I am sure there are some alternatives at much lower price. Sometimes you can also find discontinued Panoptx models at close-out prices online at other retailers. Check out the wraparound eyewear forums for more info.
                            Rebecca Petris
                            The Dry Eye Foundation


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                              thank u for ur help

                              thank u for ur help. i dont know what i would do with out u all right now DES is no fun its a big pain in the eyes as far as i see. i am still waiting to get the blood test done but i might get the blood test done this weekend i hope. i am tired of waiting to get it done but i am being patient with it all right now. thanks again . dreaming of a better life