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CRT my cure for computer use?

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  • CRT my cure for computer use?

    I was always under the impression that lcd is better for my eyes, recently I started working at an accounting firm, they had a CRT for me, I was going to ask for lcd but decided to try it.

    Basically whats happening is if my eyes are clean (no discharge irritating it, I have to clean my eyes out twice a day or they get red from irritation not dryeness) and I apply a strip of lacri-lube, my eyes are almost perfectly clear, I can spend about 8 hours at work on the computer with clear non dry eyes. I can go home and generally last about 2 hours max before they go red beyond repair for awhile.

    I am just wondering if anyone else has a similar experience? I really dont understand it.

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    Of course, I'm happy for, and supportive of, ANY gain you get, but ... this sounds complicated.

    You moved into an *entirely* new environment (new to *you*)??

    Something in the air, the carpet, the ducts, etc., etc., could quite possibly have affected your eyes at the old place, too, no?

    It'd be tough to draw any "valid" conclusion from just what you've said (too many confounding variables. If you'd changed just the monitor at your old job....), but ... again ... if you're feeling better, I say go with it!

    All the best,


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      I use a CRT at the office and an LCD at home. My eyes are just as irritated, if not more so, at the office than they are at home. I attribute that to the ventilation system and the very dry air at the office. You might rent a CRT for use at home and see if there is a difference with all other variables remaining the same?
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        CRT vs LCD

        If you want to compare CRTs to LCDs, go to Circuit City or BestBuy, and find the rear-projection (also known as DLP) TV's. A rear-projection TV is a CRT. They will also have plenty of LCDs.


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          I use an LCD at both work and home, and always find my eyes are worse at work. The environment for me is the bigger factor, espeically in an office full of computers expelling out dry air all the time.


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            Studies show that when you are looking at a monitor of any sort and concentrating , you blink less. Typically, blinking less means you are not spreading tears across your cornea which means you have a dry cornea and more discomfort.


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              But I don't suppose it depends on what type of monitor you're looking at?


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                Originally posted by np1981
                But I don't suppose it depends on what type of monitor you're looking at?
                Somehow I doubt we'll see any peer-reviewed studies about comparative blink rates for different types of screens
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                  The study talked about computer use, video games, etc. did not mention monitor type.


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                    CRTs will generally be better for your dry eyes, because they render colors better. That is why all graphic designers perfer CRT's. I have a CRT monitor and it is awesome! My eyes don't feel as comfortable with an LCD screen or laptop screen. A couple of suggestions: 1. Change the DPI settings to the largest settings(will make all font sizes etc. bigger), get an anti-glare monitor, and when buying a monitor look into the following settings on the monitor(dot pitch, and refresh rate). Here is my monitor, I highly recommend it:


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