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light sensitive and car headlights.

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  • light sensitive and car headlights.

    I have noticed that when a car has its headlights on and the headlights are directly towards my eyes the headlights look like the driver put his high beams on. Is this something anybody else has with light sensitivity. Is this a side effect of dry eyes or blepharitis. I notice this happens when my eyes are light sensitive and dry but does anybody else find car headlights annoying and way to bright at times. especially when the beams are directly aimed at your eyes.

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    Your tear film is thin and patchy. The odds are your tear glands are partially blocked. Read up on tear glands, MGD, and spend 8 minutes each day for up to five days with a 'hot bag; pressed to your eyes area . Tear films are the natural-4 layer -sunglasses we were born with and never knew.
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      Thanks for the advice. I will try your hot bag, 8 minutes each day and SEE what happens ( Literally )


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