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Restasis Brining out my inflammation?

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  • Restasis Brining out my inflammation?

    Hey I have been on Restasis for about two months now and this is what I've noticed:
    1. my inflammation seems worse
    2. my eyes seem more red than normal
    3. my eyes seem more dry than normal

    Can anyone tell me if this is worth staying on? Will it eventually bring the inflammation down or am I judt making myself worse??

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    restasis isnt a sure thing, ophtas dont always recommend it, i just wished it helped somehow just reduce inflammation perphaps


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      Same thing happened to me. My dry eye was not very noticeable at all. I went to Lenscrafters to update my reading glasses and left with a prescription for Restasis. It put me over the edge, it did something to my eyes. I haven't been the same since. I am now on autologous serum drops, trying to get back to where I was prior to Restasis. I couldn't tolerate it but apparantly, I've been told, the longer you can stay on it the more apt you are to get the inflammation down (if you're of the 15% that it works on). I think that's the success rate - 15%?


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