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I think my soical life is over just becuse of nuelash.

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  • I think my soical life is over just becuse of nuelash.

    am new here and my english is not the best iam sorry,but i have no other places to talk to people who will maby understand.

    Last November i will never forget that awful day, i tried nuelash to get longer lashes. Well after 3 days i noticed reddness on my lower lid margin, i thougt it will go over but it never did after 14 days i stopped. The reddness was still there and the eye lid was thickned as well.

    I went to my doctor right after this heppend and told him what the problem was he gave me kloramfenikol antibiotica cream he said it was conjunctivitis. I stopped after 7 days becuse i saw no change. In Desmber i went to a eye doctor he did not even look at my eylids,he just said that it it allergi and gave me some drops.

    So i went with this problem for many monthts without knowing that my meibomian glands actully are dying one by one. My eyes did not feel so dry but there was always irritation like that here is someting in your eye.

    I blame my self for not googeling in english,there is no information in norwegian about meibomian glands dys.

    The other eye doctor i went to did not say much, just that it is nothing dangourus.

    The thierd eye doctor said that i have several blocked glands and gave me some eyedrops for drie eyes.

    After i came home and i look more closely at my lids there is scars and hole over over them. All my meibomian glands in lowee lid has died. Iam not stupid after googeling pictures and seeing that nothing comes out when i press they are dead.

    my upper lid seems to be weel they are ok. Iam still doing the hot compress i dont know if there is a point of doing this since they are dead.

    My eyes was the best part of me and now everything has changed. I have changed. I dont go out with friends anymore.

    I just dont know why i was so un lucky, why i didnt find all these helpful sites before it was to late.

    I have now ended up with dark, thickned eyelids and dry eyes. What more can i excpect becuse og my gland antropy. Does anyone know if you can get eylid turning outward becuse og your gland antopy.

    Does anyone know any way to get lighter eye lid margins?

    Thank you for reading this and once again sorry for my bad english.

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    Im pretty sure you wouldn't be able to see oil being secreted if you push on them...unless its very thickened and white. You would need a slit lamp microscope to actually view your glands since they are so small. I would keep doing warm compresses and expression but be very gentle while doing it. You don't want to squeeze on them too hard or use too hot of water.


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      But why do i see that in my upper lid? i see small drops of oil. And i have all this scars and bumps on my lower lid.


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        Ugly-eyes, If you keep up with the gentle warm compress treatments and eat healthy and take fish/flaxseed oil, it sounds like you can get your meibomian glands well again. Please don't worry. Some blocked glands is not a problem - they will unblock. I hope you can find a doctor or optometrist you like and trust to help you because slit-lamp exam would answer many of your questions.

        Gormz, Sometimes I easily see meibom. Press gentle upwards under the lower eyelash line and look closely in the bathroom mirror in good daylight. Like a tiny row of dots of baby oil along the eyelid margin. But sometimes I can't see anything there but the vision is blurry for a short while, which means there is meibom in the tear film.

        Honestly, with the usual gentle blepharitis treatments, the meibom can restore, Ugly-eyes. You sound so unhappy but the doctors have said there are just a few glands not working. Did the chloramphenicol have preservatives in because that could have caused problems. And so can contact allergies from other bathroom and makeup products. Is it that your lower eyelids are looser and turned away from the eye surface? Have you found tear substitute eyedrops that make your dry eyes more comfortable?
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          I was just going off what i read in this article. This is an important read if youre doing MGD expression.


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            Thank for your answar. No my lower eye lid is not turned outside,iam just afraid that will heppend becuse of mg antropy. Yes iam verry unhappy this has changed my life, i think i cry about this every day. I feel so ugly. I use systane balancė and it is okej. Well it is so hard for me to eat healty now idont eat much maby once a day and smoke very much becuse of this iknow it is not helping,but iam so depresed about it. I also noticed when i dont do hot comress my upper meibomian glands close to. And after doing the hot.
            cmopress i dont feel any oil coming out after maby 20 min my upper mg start to work. Why is that. I use hot compress 3 times a day for 10 min. I heat risebag in the mirco for 1 min. The reason i think all of them i lower lid are dead is becuse of those scares and holes. Idont really trust those doctors in norway they dont have much information about mgd. I made my diagnozė but it was to late.


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              Do you think warm compress 3xday is too much or do you think you need it? It sounds like it's working so maybe you could be very gentle with these glands and reduce?

              I think homemade soup is a very good meal when we don't feel like eating because there's hardly any cooking to do. Is there a cafe with healthy food that you like that gives you a bit of social life as well where you can meet friends regularly?

              Have you got any emotional support with this? There are so many people living with illnesses and we are finding it helpful to be mutually supportive with them, all different ages.

              What do the scars and holes look like? Are you sure it's not normal? What do the docs say? Even with notches along the eyelid margin the glands work fine. Are your eyelids swollen?

              Neulash is a mascara? So do you think your eyes are very sensitive now like allergy and that cutting out chemicals will help? It's possible that the warm compress might be too much - maybe read Hyperhead's posts about how when he did less expressing, just one warm shower a day, that helped him more because his eyes are very sensitive too.

              I had what I think was atrophy or keratinisation along the upper eyelid margins because of contact lens overwear and the glands are absolutely fine and clear now.
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                Thanks again for caring about me and my problem, you are so kind.

                I will have to start eat normally becuse not eating does not help my problem. No ihave not got any emotional support. What iam going true is the worst case scenario becuse they are dead there is nothing to do about it now.Yes they are swollen and dark. I got 2 big holes iknow they are dead for sure and all those other are small holes and scares,nothing comes out when i press. Ihave not talk to the eye doctor about them being dead,last time iwas there he said the he saw some blockedge,but he didnt look at them closely.

                How often do you think i should do the hot compress and for how long. I have noticed if i do them long maby 10 min my upper glands produce more oil. After hot compress it takes time maby 20 min to my upper glands to work again, do you know why that heppens?

                No nuelash is a lash growth product it contains ingredients that are used to treat glaucoma patients, dangoures and stupid me thougt it was safe becuse many girls has used it. I just applayed it on my upper lashline so it is wierd that my lower eyelid suffered form it, maby it was becuse of those glands were bad form before idont know.


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                  Hello soon-to-be-beautiful-eyes,

                  The product you used is called Latisse in North America. It was once a glaucoma med that was discovered to also grow lashes. I've been tempted to use it because blepharitis (aka meibomian gland dysfunction) causes sparse, "wonky" lashes. So, I'm just wondering, perhaps you decided to use neulash because your lid/gland problem had already started? Maybe your lashes were already showing evidence of a problem which you didn't realize.

                  Anyway, my point is that neulash may not have been the beginning cause of your problem. It certainly (I guess) could have been a catalyst. I do know that common side effects of Latisse are itcy and red eyes which may or may not be an allergy to the product. So, you need to figure out (with help) if you have "true" meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD) or an allergy.

                  Also, with regards to "dead glands", I've had MGD for 17 years and I don't believe my glands are dead. Additionally, I've been hearing in the last ~3 years that you only need approx 10% of your glands expressing oil to feel comfortable. I don't have literature to back up those statements. I'll do a search on pubmed to see if there's anything published. If I find something, I'll post the links.

                  So, don't worry about "dead glands". Please just focus on (1) finding a doctor who understands MGD/blepharitis AND allergies and (2) starting or continuing with the at-home treatments you can do now to get the glands to express oil.

                  Rebecca has some articles on the Dry Eye Zone homepage to help you with those two things ( See the three articles half way down the page in the section called "Practical advice on living with dry eye".

                  Good luck.
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                    I know it was nuelash. My lashes were normal i just wanted to have long lashes. I didnt have dry eyes even with this mgd. Now iam just afraid that my upper mg will stop produce oil. It is not always coming oil out of upper glands.


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                      Soon-to-be-beautiful eyes, I can very rarely see meibom from normal upper eyelid glands anyway. It's much easier on the lower eyelid margins. If the eyesight goes a bit blurred after gentle pressing of the glands that is a good sign.

                      Dr Latkany here mentioned that once the glands are expressed it takes a while to make new oil. This is logical.

                      We saw many docs and opticians before we finally found one who knew what was wrong and what to do, and we are much happier now working on the problems together although as Spmcc says, it's important to read DryEyeZone very carefully, especially about allergy and mgd, and take careful note of what makes your eyes feel better or worse.

                      I think you need someone to talk to as soon as possible about the terrible anxiety - can you see a counsellor? or a general practitioner doctor for help about stress? are you young enough to access counselling through college?

                      There must be other people who are suffering after using Latisse or NeuLash - have you found any forum on the internet in Scandinavia or US? I am wondering if the eye service in Norway has history of dealing with this. I would be considering writing to the Department of Health, or Optometry association, or Pharmacy association, for advice on what's happened and getting treatment, and the drug damage reporting scheme (in UK, we have Yellow Card). Did you say the base of your eyelashes is darkened?

                      When we despaired of finding an ophthalmologist, I did email the best hospital cornea specialists to ask for advice and who to see, and they helped us with guidance on which doc.

                      I don't believe in dead glands either because the body wants to heal itself, it just wants the right help. I wonder if your eyes are very sensitive now and the eye surface is a bit damaged by the Neulash drop chemicals because then tearing would be reduced. And this will get better in time once you accept what's happening and take very good care. Have you got wraparound sunglasses to protect your eyes and get outside again while they heal? Spmcc recommends 'Practical Advice on Living with Dry Eye'.
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                        idont know what to do anymore. I have read that if you have the innflamation for a long time glands will die. I have this since november 2011, if i just knew what it was i would have treatet it the right way,


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                          I tried latisse before my eyes got dry although they were probably dry then. Anyway I only used it for 3 days on my eyebrows and noticed my eyes felt wierd (now I realize dry). Then I saw it can turn blue eyes to brown and I like my eyes blue so I stopped. I do remember them not feeling right and that 3 night getting into the shower and washing my face and going to bed very nervous. I threw the 100 dollar bottle away. I am sorry this happened. What happened to do no harm? Have you looked at probing the glands?


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                            probing the glands are just when they are blocked?


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