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Am I ever going to be able to look in the mirror and smile again?

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  • Am I ever going to be able to look in the mirror and smile again?

    Hi Everyone,

    So I have been on Restasis for five weeks now, Lotemax for five weeks and doxy for three months. I thought that the restasis is what was making my eyes bad so I decided to stop for a week.. I was better the first few days, then my eyes blew up! I have never seen them this bad..I don't know whether it was from suddendly stopping Restasis or if it was helping? Anyway, I decided to put them back in today. I feel like a lost cause right now. The inflammation on my surface is really bad now. My blepharitis is in remission (knock on wood), you would think my eyes would clear up? but no...the eyes are still inflammed. I'm trying to stop thinking about it so much...but when it's bad, its all i think about. I just want the whites back.

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    I can understand totally. I am still going strong and I think its because nobody I know has eye problems so people just dont understand. I have hard time going to stores, restaurants and church- the air vents drive me nuts. I cant seem to focuse on things because I have to blink my eyes so much. I have quit most meds I have been taking. I still use restasis and wear hydrogel contacts-I believe those two things are what gets me through. I have decided to eat Sardines everyday and yuk they are nasty and I use grape seed oil on my salads. I was doing so many things and nothing helping so I bought a book titled Natual Cures from the Bible. I will let you know if these things do anything. I also have a guy going to make me moisture chamber glasses so I can continue working. I have decided to make myself exercise for one hour everyday and ask my doc for something to help me sleep. I believe the stress from this just makes you worse. Good Luck


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      aw faith, come on, you are too young, dry eyes wont be with you your whole life. I exaclty feel the same as you right now, dry eyes is simply screwing my well being. I would say stop putting restasis and all of this crap, just work on diet and avoid things that harsh on your eyes (computers , tvs etc). If you have to leave work for it then let it be so! A temporary leave for your eyes is a good excuse. We are both on the same boat, you arent alone, be strong.


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          hi Faith1989
          read my story in my posts you may get some clue
          Raw eating cures all deceases.
          whole body cure is eye cure
          FOOD (Natural, chemical free), Environment (air, water, noise), Relaxed Mind makes decease free


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