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My Eye Dr is against Scleral Lenses

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    Katewest, sorry for the late reply I didn't see your question. Basically my eyes don't go red very much but they still hurt and sting (strange). If the sclerals aren't a good fit they will make any previous redness worse. So getting a good fit is ver important. I'm still getting mine modified to be perfect, and at the moment they are not causing any redness up to 6 hours of wear. When they are removed, the only redness appears at the base, where the edges of the scleral touches the white parts of your eyes. If that occurs they need to be modified because they've settled back too much onto the eyeball. It's very technical and so it's vital to see someone who really knows what they are doing.


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      Katewest, have you decided whether to pursue PROSE scleral lenses? I just had the same experience with my ophthalmologist today, he was dead set against scleral lenses, he said my eyes are not bad enough for them, and I will run the risk of getting infections. We have exhausted all the usual dry eye treatments with no help, and I am desperate. He doesn't think my situation is so bad, that I should be able to live with the light sensitivity and reading/driving limitations. It seems that he thinks I am a crank; since he can't see any damage on my cornea, he doesn't think I should incur the risk and expense of getting scleral lenses. I had gone to the Weill Cornell cornea group in NY, and they suggested that I consider Prose scleral lenses. I have an appointment next month with the Prose specialist at Weill Cornell, and my ophthalmologist is trying to convince me not to go. I don't know what to do. Judy


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        No I have not decided yet. I kinda don't think they will help because I produce enough tears it's the oil that's off from mgd


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          I was reading Dr Perry Rosenthal's paper on the corneal pain system, and one of the things that causes pain and photophobia in some people is evaporation of tears because it lowers the temperature of the cornea, and the cold feeling can cause pain. So, I wonder if that could be a cause of discomfort and pain even if you have tears. Without the oil, the aqueous tears evaporate faster, and if you have more tears, then there is more evaporation and more discomfort. So maybe the scleral lenses might help even if you have some tears. Do moisture chamber glasses give you any relief?


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            I've used scleral lenses and have both ATD and MGD. My left eye is the worst with MGD and I was still in pain with that cold, menthol feeling even with the scleral lens. The meibum is supposed to protect and cover "all" of the sclera and eyelids, and the scleral lens do not cover those those exposed areas get sore. Many have posted on here that they still had to apply drops whilst wearing sclerals.


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              I've been looking for the right place in these forums to post my current experience with sclerals. I am not a frequent poster, as my top priority in life is to work while I can; all else comes after that since I need to make a living, and unfortunately that happens on a computer.

              If you have an opthalmologist who is skeptical, please take heed, even though it is very difficult not to jump at any new/reasonable idea when you are desperate for relief, as I was/am. This is not to say that you shouldn't try sclerals, but right now I wish I had EVER had an opthalmologist who was halfway savvy enough to tell me to think twice before doing what I've done - all for naught, as it turns out.

              I happily spent $3,000 last summer to be fitted for sclerals at Vanderbilt Eye Institute in Nashville. I thought I was desperate when I started this process a year ago. Unfortunately I have reached a new level of desperation today after my 10th unsuccessful commute there (6 hours round trip, which usually requires an overnight stay because my eyes hurt too badly to drive) and resulting immeasurable physical pain.

              The estimate to get me fitted at Vanderbilt was 4-6 visits. Visit 10 last week was a new low. After switching materials once or twice with no resulting increase in comfort (perceived moisturization) they tried to fit me with a reverse geometry (or some such) design, which was a collossal failure. The measurements that they ordered from the lab were so far off, it's laughable. Bottom line is that this clinic is literally grasping at straws. The design on the 10th visit was the most uncomfortable yet, so they switched to trying 4-6 pairs of some brand new design, which has literally left my eyes raw. I had to tell my boss today that I can't work anymore; can't open my eyes. (I work on a computer all day long and should have quit work 10 years ago. I can't fake it anymore and tell myself my eyes aren't killing me. They sting 24 x 7 whether open or shut.)

              I know people considering sclerals are beyond desperate, but I applaud those of you looking for more information before making the financial and time commitment. At best, these lenses may fit, but you sure can't prove it by me, and the doctors are out of ideas, much as they won't admit it. These rigid lenses are horribly painful. They don't even feel moisturizing to my eyes, even if they actually could ever get them to fit w/out horrible pain. As hard as it is to imagine, I'm about 99.9 percent sure that getting a pair to fit and actually wearing them is going to do more damage to my eyes and mental health more quickly than doing without and waiting for the next great thing. This facility isn't able to get the job done, and I doubt I will be going back for fitting 11. They have my money along w/my signature that they get to keep my money even if they fail. This desperate fool and her money have parted, and I am worse off for it. I have wasted a year and about $4,000 plus tons of time and physical pain for absolutely nothing.

              Sorry for such a dire report. I'd just like to emphasize that the buyer (dry eye sufferers who would do anything to have a semi-normal life) must beware when considering sclerals. Best of luck to each of you. At this point I have no idea what my next move is since sclerals are a huge fail.

              p.s. Here's what also hasn't worked for me over the span of about 30 years (I'm 48): Punctal occlusion (4 or 5 failed operations), punctal plugs (at least 3 sets - no help), Restasis, docycline (have been on it daily for years), massive amounts of flaxseed and fish oil daily, warm compresses, artificial tears - with preservative and now without), sclerals (the worst torture to date) -- what else? I've done everything in the book but serum - I can't even get psyched up to go there. Sounds like another gimmick for the truly desperate that is destined to fail for me.


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                Thanks for the post Alesa,

                I'm still thinking about sclerals. I had a two hour test last month. The burning feeling was gone but I felt them when blinking, and I could not forget I was wearing them. Befor two hour with them my upper eyelid of the right eye start hurting when blinking. It was very painful.

                But what is very strange for me is that my doctor didn't talk anyting about fitting process. He just try to find out which sample pair has the best disance to my cornea. They aren't customized. So I think with myself, if some people with fitting process can't stand sclerals, without fitting processes the probability to ge used to them is even lower...


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                  Boston Lens

                  Hi Alesa,
                  Not all lenses are created equal; am not sure what type of lenses you tried at that Nashville institute; I have been using Boston lenses for severe dry eye and as of now happy with those, these are individually custom fitted for every eye. I was in your shoes in Nov 2011 at my work and lenses has helped me keep going... The nearest clinic for you is available at their website ( and you may take a no obligation free trial at their clinic.

                  Good Luck!


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                    Alesa, you might look into Synergeyes, which are hybrid lenses - gas permeable center with a soft skirt that rests on the sclera. I have not tried them personally but I have read about some good results on another forum that I frequent. This site will help you find a provider.



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