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Red Veins in Eyes

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  • Red Veins in Eyes

    I am reposting this note I wrote earlier as I don't know if anyone will see it on the thread I started last year called "Success for Red Veins in Eyes".

    I'm just writing back to you and everyone here to say another year of my life has gone by with NO improvement to my eyes. Another year of spending absurd amounts of money on vitamin supplements, massage, naturopathy, etc. for...nothing. I need to accept that veins in eyes are a permanent condition, a visible injury of sorts, a scar. There just doesn't seem to be anything that works. It has been 15 years for me with these ugly ugly veins. I fully believe that my life is in a different place (a worse place) than it would be if this condition had never developed. I used to be carefree and "happy" and never mind my photo being taken. Now I shy away from people when they get too close, especially in daylight or bright lights, and I worry that I can't have a normal life because people take photos more than ever -- because of Facebook, instagram, etc. It's horrible. I'm NOT normal -- I look at other people and their eye veins all the time, and usually they don't appear to have any, or if they do, they are very faint.

    I also don't talk to people about this condition. In all the years, I only opened up to a boyfriend I had years ago and to my mother. Now I am still single (at 36!) and trying to "date" but so scared that a man will be turned off by my eye-veins. Like, how can he be attracted to me in this state? The rest of my eyes aren't "red" exactly, but certainly not sparkling white like so many women around me.

    Are eye veins really unattractive? How should I cope with this?

    I may end up needing to wear actual glasses in the near future too, as my vision is regressing slow....I've gone from being a fairly-average-to-attractive woman to someone who feels really monsterous. It's no way to live. I wish there was some sort of procedure to cure this -- less risky than IBrite, more helpful than...nothing.

    I'm just venting. Thank you for letting me....

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    I wish I could tell you there was a cure for this. However, I, like you, have lived with this condition for many years, and I have had to accept it for what it is - some kind of damage I sustained somehow (too much sun?? a bad fever?? Who knows?) I have found it difficult to get close to people because I am so self-concious of it. I finally did get married, so I would say to you that sometimes we tend to magnify the condition more than we should; my eyes aren't clear, but there are times when they are not as inflamed as at other times. I do know that quitting the vaso constrictor eyedrops helped. You are probably being harder on yourself than you should - don't avoid getting involved in relationships. A person is judged by not just one feature, but by a combination of features which includes personality and other features besides the eyes. I agree, it is a weird problem to have, since you can't really cover it up with makeup or something. But if you are taking care of yourself otherwise and act confidently, your beauty will still be seen by others.


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