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Filamentary Keratitis. Does anyone else have this?

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  • Filamentary Keratitis. Does anyone else have this?

    I found out through my own research that I have this. It is really bothersome & it along w/ the soapy stinging feeling contributes to alot of my DES discomfort.
    Here are some links to the descrption:

    does anyone else deal with this? according to some articles there's something called N-acetylcysteine 5% solution that is supposed to help, but its says it can only be obtained at a compound pharmacy?

    it also says you can use hypertonic saline, mucolytic agents,or somehting called mucomyst? What are these?

    Im going to see Dr. Tseng again this Wednesday & Im going to ask him about the FK. I just hope he believes me b/c for some reason I never have it when I visit an eye doctor, which is why Ive never been diagnosed with it. I usually get it when my eyes have really dried out after being in a cold room, windy place like outdoors, or have used my eyes extensively without resting for a long time.
    miserable in Miami...

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    Hi Chimera,
    I tried mucomyst. It is like eyedrops and it helps but only for a little while. It also burned like heck. I had filaments, but not now. Not pleasant. They will go away as your eye heals and your tear film becomes more stabilized. For me, this took awhile. Good luck! I hope the mucomyst works for you. Some people say it is great, but I couldn't deal with it. Everything is worth a try!


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      about how long did it take for it to go away? I have had it on & off since I first got DES( 3 years ago) but lately its been really bad. I get it almost everyday(especially if I dont drop hourly, its really cold/dry or windy) & its worse on my right eye.

      Im glad to know it can go away eventually though...
      miserable in Miami...


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        Hi chimera,
        I am trying to remember. Maybe six months, and then it evolved into lots of mucous. The mucous is better now too, but the balance between oil, tears and mucous is still not right. I remember in the evenings after treating my eyes and using Restasis that I'd literally have to peel globby strings off my eyes, and usually it didn't all come out. In retrospect, I think part of the key was being consistent in using compresses, expression, eye drops...the usual. Yes, it should get better with time. Hang in there!


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          Know something weird I had this for about a year or two before I developed my completely dry eyes, it was annoying but I'd give anything to have it back because that was my only complaint, it would bother me enough that I'd have to sneak into the bathroom to fish them out. I think that was the beginning of my eyes getting dry, but I didn't know it at the time, just something annoying, when my eyes went super dry I haven't had it since. I think if I had some moisture in my eyes It may pop up again.


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            I asked Tseng about this yesterday, he said no I dont have it b/c he can only diagnose what he sees. I knew that was gonna happen b/c I never have it when i see a dr. He said it could also just be regular mucus. But this is very different from regular mucus which i get. It has a specific characteristic. It always appears & disappears randomly, whereas I have to manually remove mucus with my finger or it will remain in my eye. Its also a smaller spec or a very short strand that always remains on my cornea, whereas mucus is usually a very large wet glob or long strand that I can easily move around all over my eye.
            miserable in Miami...



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