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The story of my eyes (from France)

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  • The story of my eyes (from France)

    Hi all,

    I am posting here as I have experienced chronic eyes pain for a few years after a LASIK surgery. This condition has made me depressed and ruins my life. I don't do any activites anymore. I can't go outside because the wind and the air hurt. Air conditionning and fans are my worst ennemies.

    I wore contact lenses before my surgery and i had a lot of hugely to wear...

    All the ophtalmologists I have seen tell me I have dry eyes even if it is not so obvious.

    I have tried a lot of drops but nothing has helped. I also tried Ikervis (cyclosporine) and cortisone drops. I did Lipiflow as well and massage on the eyelids with hot but no improvement either.

    -hyloconfort plus
    -vitamine A dulcis

    My only well-being is to stay under a hot shower. And using celluvisc drops along with googles allow me to work on a computer and feel better.

    The few moments when I feel good, I noticed that my eyelashes were flexible, soft and humid. Usually when I don't feel good (everyday), they are always dry, painful and rigid. They fall easily. When they fall, they are white on the base and extremely hard. I don't know if this is normal. However, even when my eyes hurt a lot, they are not so red

    Yet I do not have blepharitis. I think the lashes issues can have a link with my pain.

    I have other issues but I don't know if it is related.

    When I am outside of home (outside, in the metro, bus..) my hands and fingers are dry with a very uncomfortable touch. Same thing for my lips with are dry, red and painful. Eczema?

    Aftter reading this talk :

    I decided to use protopic 0.03% evry night and morning but no changements. Maybe use the 0.1% ?

    Thank you for your help and support

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      i may have some good suggestions for you.. feel free to send me a Skype invite dan.topkis and we can chat. I get a lot of spam on Skype so be sure in teh message to tell me why you are contacting me - just mention dry eye.


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