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  • Going Crazy

    Im at a point that im going crazy, i dont know what to do anymore and if i have to live longer like this i might do something drastic.

    my story..

    i have dry eye since i was 13, i developed mgd, tried everything eventually i got it under control (at 28), but i still have a eye problem and that is hairs in my eye. (facial hairs and eyelashes) last year there hasnt been 1 day without a eyelash in my right eye, most of the time there are multiple. Finally after a year of this hell i managed to clear up my right eye ( a week ago i pulled a hair out of my flipped upper eyelid, it was stuck so it started to bleed. My eye still didn't feel good but it was tearing a lot. This went on all night.

    When i woke up i got a ***** surprise my right eye was great, but now my left eye was **** (after a year of no problems!). Somehow the left eye caught a lot of hairs. Since then i have been trying to get them out of the left eye.

    My life has been at a standstill for the last 365 days, all i do is have this pain and trying to get it out... (i also tried doing nothing for a while but my eye doesn't clean it up at night)

    Does anybody have any sugestions? (all specialists i met have no idea), This **** is really breaking me time after time. Im almost at a point i rather be blind in one eye than live with this **** all day everyday.

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    Before I try to recommend anything, can you provide a list of treatments you have tried? Just so I don't recommend things you have! Lol that would be annoying for you..


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      good point, i tried so many things... also the weirdest things but im kinda desperate to get it out..

      - q-tip
      - watercup
      - flushing with water under shower
      - flushing with water and shampoo
      - flushing with water and honey
      - all kinda different toothpicks
      - knive (yeah *** up i know, but you do crazy things if you have this all the time)
      - nylon wire
      - water bole
      - looking to the sides in hope to move it
      - eyedrops

      the problem is i know exactly where it is, i just cant find a way to get to it. I also tried to make a small wound on the inside of my eyelid in order to let it tear like the other eye, but it toke more pressure of the needle then i thought so i was worried that i would cut trough it so i haven't done that.


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