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Dry Eye- 1.5 years of dealing with this. So this is my life now?

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    I had upper plugs, they didn't help. Then I had lower plugs, they didn't help. Then I had both plugged, bingo, that was a game changer.

    The serum drops have to be made in a compounding pharmacy not many offices offer them in house. If you live in a larger center it should be possible to find someone to make them.
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      Since you have Rosacea, I urge to to give IPL a try.

      I urge you to stop any birth control, facial cream, makeup or anything unnatural for 1 month time. Sometimes there could be an unrelated allergic reaction which can cause dry eyes.

      I also urge you to continue both Restasis and Xiidra, these drugs can reduce inflammation in your glands and clinically improve your glands. Don't just look for symptomatic fixes, but also clinical improvement as well.

      For symptomatic relief, you can also try autologous serum and Prokera.


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        Good points.
        Even hair spray is bad for eyes.
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