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Dry Eye- 1.5 years of dealing with this. So this is my life now?

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    I had upper plugs, they didn't help. Then I had lower plugs, they didn't help. Then I had both plugged, bingo, that was a game changer.

    The serum drops have to be made in a compounding pharmacy not many offices offer them in house. If you live in a larger center it should be possible to find someone to make them.
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      Since you have Rosacea, I urge to to give IPL a try.

      I urge you to stop any birth control, facial cream, makeup or anything unnatural for 1 month time. Sometimes there could be an unrelated allergic reaction which can cause dry eyes.

      I also urge you to continue both Restasis and Xiidra, these drugs can reduce inflammation in your glands and clinically improve your glands. Don't just look for symptomatic fixes, but also clinical improvement as well.

      For symptomatic relief, you can also try autologous serum and Prokera.


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        Good points.
        Even hair spray is bad for eyes.
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          Originally posted by Erc138 View Post
          sophie0416- It is the worst but it does make me feel better that someone else can relate to this. Have you found anything that has helped you? Have you ever tried another BC to see if taht could help reverse? I'm nervous to go down that route again.I really wish I could go back in time and never taken BC but such is life. I do feel pretty determined to get to a new normal that I can live with.
          My new dry eye mantra is " even though you're fed up you gotta keep your head.

          hello, I take fish oil vitamins and they really help me. Thatís all, flax seed oil, evening primrose. Itís about consistency once it builds up in your body it really helps your eyes


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            Hi Sophie
            Thanks for sharing.
            Great to hear evening primrose (GLA) & flaxseed oil help you too.


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              Originally posted by sophie0416 View Post

              hello, I take fish oil vitamins and they really help me. Thatís all, flax seed oil, evening primrose. Itís about consistency once it builds up in your body it really helps your eyes
              I just came across this as I am back to looking for some way to help alleviate my symptoms after an unexpected flame up, if you will. Any particular brands (and dosage) you recommend? Are you taking a combination pill or 2 separate supplements? Thanks!


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                Hi Erc138

                I cant really add much to this, but what may be helpful is: 3-4 times a week castor oil in the eyes, only little amount of that.
                For security reasons it's recommended if you use also sodium-hialuronat eye drops(0,21% sodium/natrium-hialuronat).
                And the other oil I'd use is EPO, Evening Primrose Oil, very little amount, it doesnt make a bad feeling.
                Castor oil must be cold pressed, hexane-free, and above all organic, very good quality.

                Best wishes


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                  Hi Erc138,

                  Sounds like you have a hormone issue and rosacea as the root cause of your dry eye. That is what I have (had).

                  I would suggest a micronized DHEA supplement, really small, like 2.5mg. Here is my story on that. I still take this. When I stop the dry eye returns. DHEA gives me testosterone that I am missing. I was diagnosed with grade 3 plus MGD and told that it would get worse. Wrong, I don't have MGD symptoms anymore and I stare at a computer full time, no problem.

                  I hope you try IPL. It is meant for people with rosacea and worked great for me by the fourth treatment. Now i get one annual maintenance treatment. I still remembering leaving the office after the fourth appt and feeling actual oil in my eyes. It was amazing. Just pick a doctor with experience. I suspect the scary info you read is due to incompetence.

                  On your scale I was a 2-3 for a long time. Now I can go days without having to use eye drops.


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