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My Visit to Dr. Latkany

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  • My Visit to Dr. Latkany

    So I was in New Jersey for work so I decided to time it so I could make an appt with Dr. Latkany.

    So even before doing any sort of exam of my eyes...he said I should do a full thyroid work up. He said I have the "thyroid eye" look.
    Then he told me I have lagophthalmos - where I don't close my eyes fully when I sleep or blink. I asked him any issues with meibomian glands and he says a tiny bit but not to make my eyes feel bad.

    This is nuts cause of 4 docs...I've gotten 4 completely different things:

    1. Nothing's wrong...just dry eyes
    2. Blepharitis
    3. Meibomian glands not producing oil
    4. Lastly lagophthalmos and thyroid issues.

    So I guess I'll schedule something with an endocrinologist and see what my thyroid looks like.

    Dry eyes really suck!!!!!!

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    Hi ut_longhorn,
    How incredibly frustrating it is to make the effort (and spend the money) to see a dry-eye "specialist" and basically be dismissed. I have been there and it actually sounds very much like your experience. I have been told the same thing regarding having the "thyroid eye" look, and did have a blood draw and basic thyroid panel testing done. I am not sure if these tests were extensive enough, but I was within the normal ranges. And I too, have lagophthalmos (sp?) with partial blinking. For that, I have been using a sleeping/ice mask called an iMak which works fairly well to keep my eyelids shut overnight, when it stays on all night that is. Have you had a meibography to assess the health and condition of your meibomian glands?
    Anyway, keep up posted on your thyroid test results. I know there are many here (myself included) who have become more than a little frustrated with the wildly varying opinions of different eye doctors we've seen. Try to "keep the faith" while you continue to check things off your list, and hopefully you will find something/s that provides you with some answers, and relief.
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