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Meibomitis- Please help me! Is there anyone who has this?

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  • Meibomitis- Please help me! Is there anyone who has this?


    For 2.5 years now I am having trouble with posterior blepharitis. My main problem is that I get capped gland orifices with clear meibomian oil trapped in them. I do warm compress, massage and clean my eyelids with a q-tip. I do not have much dry eye problems. I still use preservative free drops to soothe my eyes 3 times a day. Only steroids help my capped glands temporarily but nothing else reduces their frequency. I get these capped glands or bumps at least every 3rd or 4th day. My lower lids are worse than upper lids. I have read very few people mention or discuss the problem that I have. Most people have dry eyes or blocked glands (without the bumps), or redness or inflammation. I need to connect with people who have the same problem as me. Who can help me figure out what I can do about this extremely irritating and persistent condition. It irritates my eyes daily and when I get the bumps/capped glands its difficult to do anything except sleeping.
    Please help me.


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