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Blink Intensive Tears eye drops

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  • Blink Intensive Tears eye drops

    Has anyone else tried these eye drops? I received them today, ordered from Amazon. So far I'm loving them, I've only had to use them every 2-3 hours where Refresh plus was an every hour routine. I intend to use them tonight instead of Refresh Optive advanced. They are supposed to be lower residue than refresh products. With refresh products I always have a buildup in the morning that requires a eyelid scrubbing and sometimes residue gets in my eyes.

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    Oldspook, I like blink intensive tears too. I try all the new drops as they come out (most of them with very similar formulations in any case) but I haven't found one works better for me. Except for sleeping, I find oil emulsion drops better for that. Note that blink intensive tears are hypotonic (lower osmotic pressure than natural tears) which may be part of the benefit you are getting. So they can help with the over salty tears that are inevitable with MGD, but like I think is the case with all drops if you use them too much it can go the other way and make the osmolarity situation worse. Plus flooding the eyes with too many drops washes away what important natural tear components you do have, particularly mucins. I wouldn't call every 2 hours over dropping though.


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