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I'm back - with a bang!

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  • I'm back - with a bang!

    After a somewhat mediocre spell of relief - was using hot showers for the past 9 months without once using a hot compress - I'm back to start once again.

    Funny how we return to the forum when things get worse!!

    During the past 9 months I'd have to say that

    During the 9 months I experienced

    - daily relief
    - no itchyness
    - a good lot of RCE
    - no red eye

    Now I am back to

    - daily stuggle
    - itchyness
    - not RCE (yet)
    - red eye!

    I recall a post by Rebecca a while back when she mentioned the changing of seasons. Here we are entering spring/summer and I wonder was my period of relief because it was autumn/winter. Now we are exiting that.

    I have a new fear that I may be experiencing atrophy with my glands. I have a basic question. My lower lids - the part closest part to the nose don't seem to have as many glands as the opposite side (the side closest to the ears). Sorry about my strange directions here! Is this normal? Or am I supposes to have glands the entire length of my lower lid. I've googled for images but funny (perhaps I'm not the best searcher) but can't find any image diagram to show what a healthy number of glands is.

    Thank you!


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    Yes, it is funny when we return.......returner here (smile). I was given some steroic drops and all was well for a few months, now I'm back to square one. I got another doc appt and once again will hear about why my eyes are permanently red and given yet another expensive eye drop. The ugliest creature in the world is a woman with dark red eyes...YUK!!