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Applying drops when you have a RCE

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  • Applying drops when you have a RCE

    Hi guys,

    Currently I have a RCE on my left eye. I am confused if adding drops is beneficial or detrimental to healing.

    Beneficial arguement

    I don't know much about science but I was thinking that if I appled hylo-forte (my usual drop of choice), that it could be beneficial in that it acts like a transparent plaster allowing the cornea to heal.

    Detrimental arguement

    Then I figured that hylo-forte, given its high viscosity could be detrimental in that where the RCE occurs that the drop could be pulling the 'wound' apart i.e. eye lid has hylo-forte on it and it dries over time then the eye lid pulls at the already damaged cornea.

    All this is just my thoughts. I've no proof of anything here.

    I'd like to hear your thoughts.


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    Having come out the other side of my most recent RCE I really don't have many concrete conclusions on the benefits of applying drops to heal a RCE however I have a few thoughts which lean towards the use of drops during a RCE. I personally think it can't be a bad thing since drops give lubrication. I was using Systane Balance a lot. I think the drops act like a transparent plaster and perhaps do aid healing. Without them you could risk the dryness making the RCE a lot worse. A few opticians recommended to keep the eye as lubricated as much as possible (as needs be). I also read this quite a lot in internet articles. So I think regular lubrication to ensure that no dry eye is rubbing against the RCE is good. The lubricated eye also seems to be help 'sand down' the RCE scarring (Foreign body sensation).

    These are all just my own personal thoughts of course.