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Scars on Sclera from untreated dry eye- Will they go away?

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  • Scars on Sclera from untreated dry eye- Will they go away?

    Hi everyone! My name is Katie and I am 21 years old living with MGD. It developed when I was 16 years old. Foolishly I didn't see a doctor about it until I was 20 years old. I thought miraculously when I got punctal plugs, that my eyes would go back to being beautifully white again. I was very wrong. Instead I was left with a reddish dirty glaze and lots of squiggly veins all over my sclera that haven't gone away. I have tried so many things and am excited to say that I FINALLY got referred to the Duke Eye Center in Winston Salem NC. I have been praying about scleral lenses. Hoping if i get them, that maybe my eyes will finally heal and I will be able to live life normally again. I have developed extreme sunlight sensitivity and always wear a hat when I am outside(with the darkest sunglasses I can find). Even a flash of sunlight will bother them. My eyes get so red and dry everyday, I wish they would just heal and maybe I wouldn't be left with eternally bloodshot eyes! Anyone who has had scleral lenses- Do you think they would help me? I am so desperate for a cure. I tried the wiley x compression glasses which felt great, but they were not NEAR dark enough. I could feel the sunlight burning through my eyes. Sadly I returned them and am still on the hunt for EXTREMELY dark sunglasses. I wonder if there are Wiley x's for extreme light sensitivity? I have turned into quite the hermit due to this :/ Sorry for the rambling! I am new here and just wanted to get some thoughts out. I also have been putting flax seed oil on my very upper eyelids. Maybe it's just wishful thinking, but it seems it is giving a bit of relief. Thanks everyone!
    Hope is what I crave!

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