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    I came to this BLOG over 2 years ago. I want to thank all of you for posting and sharing. It let me know I wasn't alone. So many of you are so positive and helped keep me sane. I spent many nights reading on here for some light at the end of my dark tunnel. I suffered a living hell! If I could have bottled all the tears I've cried, I could make my own eye drops. It all started when I turned 47. I went to the doctor with my eyes were so dry I could not hardly keep them open. He diagnosed me with Blepharitis and sent me home with Steriod and Antibiotic drops. No advice for keeping my eyes healthy. I thought this is just something i will take medicine for and get better. I had never even heard of dry eyes before. I was better for a short period and then it got worse. I spent days where I could not work or even open my eyes. It was like being blind but with pain. I went back to the doctor who didn't spend any time with me (no sympathy to my pain) and was diagnosed with Dry Eyes. Dr immediately put me on Restasis (cost $350.00 month for life) with no hesitation. Didn't work. My life was quickly beginning to stop so began my research. I spent countless hours on this site and others too looking for an answer. I couldn't believe reading that there was no cure! 47 and my life was over. I am an outdoors person, love photography and love the ocean! I travel, snow ski and dive. I work for my family company on the computer and run my own business and now all that was ending. I could not even look at the computer. I could not exercise or go out with my friends. I had become a hermit. I would discuss with doctors, family and friends as to what could be causing this torture like My house (allergies? I was even willing to move), something I was taking or eating or my job (hours at the computer). Next doctor I found preformed LipiFlow $2500 and that did nothing but drain my bank account. She even said my glands got worse. She put plugs in that irritated and itched. (more money because I don't have insurance). Meanwhile I have used every eyedrop on the market. I've tried all the natural remedies out there. Next was Lacriserts. They were expensive and turned into a clump of goo in my eyes and i had to take them out before the day was over. Next my doctor wanted to put Procera lens in for 2 weeks with each eye shut for one week! $4000 with no guarantees. I had a decision to make. The pain at this point was so bad that I even had thoughts of suicide which goes against all i believe in. I soon started research on Scleral lens. So the last savings I had was either Procera or Sclerals. I spoke with Dr. Gemoules in Texas and with my diagnosis he couldn't give me a yes or no that they would help me. The sound in his voice just didn't give me much hope. I knew Boston ($10K for Prose lens) was out of the question. After days of anxiety, more crying, praying and more research I soon found Dr. Edward Boshnick @ Global Vision Rehabilitation Center in Miami, Flordia. His background is unbelievable. He took care of the National Guard during hurricane Katrina. He was a God send. I made an appointment, planned my trip to Miami and off I went. He is the most caring doctor I have ever met and trust me having breast cancer at age 43 I have seen my share. From the first day wearing them I knew I had found my miracle. Dr Boshnick gave me my life back. He sees patients from all over the world. He, himself, called me the day before my appointment (a Sunday) to make sure I had directions to his office for Monday. He then gave me his cell number to call or text with any problems I may ever have. He meets you in the lobby and spends all the time you need. He listens to your story and your tears. He will change your lens everyday if needed. I have had 5 sets of Sclerals (to fix vision correction and I never even hoped for better vision) since my first visit. He not only helped me with the comfort but he fit me with lens so I don't have to wear readers anymore when I work. He even gave me a set for outdoor sports at no extra charge. If I have one day of discomfort or problems he wants to know by text, email or facebook (he even friended me to keep in touch). I knew that I owed it to my friends and fellow suffers here to share my story. If I can give hope to anyone here that is my mission. I have waited 3 months because I wanted to have time to wear my lens and see how I would do before I could give any advise. I pray for each and every one of you here for your answer.

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    So glad you are finally feeling better. I also struggled with dry eye and vision problems from Lasik back in 2005. I finally made a decision to try scleral lens and they have helped me tremendously. I have been wearing them since Dec 2014. Recently though it seems my eyes are dry even with the lenses in. I have AD, MGD and Ocular Roscea. I have found they I now have to use drops over my lens. Do you have this issue ? If so what drops did he recommend?


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      Do you guys have MGD (atrophy, low production, clogged glands, etc.) or aqueous deficiency?


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        Just read your thread and have tears in my eyes because your story is so similar to mine. I have been and done all that seems to be available. Been to countless eye doctors who all except one has had this Oh you have dry eyes attitude. Have had Lipiflow which could have been a down payment on a car, did nothing. I am on my 10th or 11th eye lubricant, no relief there. I will ask this latest doctor about the Sclerals and see if they might be an option. Like you I was an outdoor person, Master Gardener, Naturalist, now I sit home very depressed, suffer anxiety and do cry a lot. I live in Florida, near Gainesville. Glad something has helped you. This is a lonely disease.


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          Thanks everyone. alb1967 right now I only use my saline solution with my lens in because I am scared of damaging them but it seems to help. I work on a computer all day and it fries my eyes so i put drops in with my lens. I find if when I put the saline in if I lift my eyelid and let the saline go over my entire eye (lens) it lubricates better than letting my lid act like a windshield wiper if that makes sense. I do continue to study dry eyes even after finding my miracle. I have come to learn that I tend to be chronic dehydrated. My research says we are missing Magnesium after a
          certain age that we don't get in our diet very much. I do drink spinach/protein shakes everyday (spinach is high in magnesium). I went and bought some Epsom salt to soak in. Just out of curiosity I went to CVS and bought some Pedialyte. I couldn't believe that difference in my body after drinking it. I have come to learn now triggers that make my eyes worse like my computer, phone, alcohol, sweating from working out,etc.... sunflower7 I did have all those but they seem to be better since my corneas have had a break from dry scratches. When your cornea is constantly under the stress of dry gritty and blinking it can not get better. I also was told I don't blink tight enough. jwhitaker004 sufferers like you are the very reason I knew I had to tell my story. My heart breaks for you. You can message me with any questions. Before Dr. Boshnick, I thought my life was over. You can ask your doctor about Sclerals but most of the time if they don't sell them they will not recommend that you need them. I also found sometimes you have to take your health into your own hands. You can find Dr. Boshnick on the internet or facebook and ask him anything and he will answer. He is so genuine. I hope this helps! Never give up.