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i ruined my sweet life with LASIK

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    Hi Texaseyes, I'm sorry for the circumstances that caused us to meet.

    My name is Jeff and I had LASIK done almost six years ago. In the initial stages I too felt very remourceful for the decision I had made. My vision is undercorrected in one eye adding insult to injury. I could not wait to go to bed as the new day brought me hope and also an escape. I could not forgive myself for the decision I had made that changed my life forever, after all it was an "elective" surgery. Like most of us here I made the decision based on the information I was given which was half true in my opinion. I too was told that the dry period was short lived and very treatable. Looking back I should have asked if it was treated successfully. Live and learn. Now six years later I am still scanning this site in hopes. I have long since let myself off the hook as I realized it did me no good and I feel I was mislead leading up to my now regretable decision. I still have problems that I suspect will never completely go away however I have learned to deal with things much better and it has made me more grateful everyday of my life. I have more good days than bad days. I learned that anger and stress play a big part in my symptoms as well as lack of sleep and too much reading on the computer. I have used Restasis since it became available also a product called Bio-tears. I have recently started using fish oil capsules at the urging of my doctor. Like alot of people I was told that I HAD dry eyes before the surgey (after the surgery of course) also recently (don't know what took so long) I was told I have Blepharitis and was given a Doxycylcine perscription for that as well, I did not mention I had just come off that drug a month before my exam for something unrelated. The perscription I was given is unfilled.
    All in all things are now more tolerable on a daily basis, the important thing is I am still here in case they do come up with a cure I am available to try it out. I'm convinced somebody will "crack" the dry eye nut someday as there is money to be made if you do. This LASIK (Like A Scene In Kaleidescope) reminds me of the second Mission Impossible movie where first they created a problem and then they created the cure for the problem they had created.

    Heres wishing you more good days than bad,


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