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Dry eyes getting better??? Restasis??

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  • Dry eyes getting better??? Restasis??

    First I'd like to say it's great to have the support from all the people on this dry eye forum. Thanks for everything!

    A quick tidbit about myself: I'm 28 years old, and feel I'm too young to have dry eyes. They say it's more common for women over 40 to get dry eyes. I hope my eyes are not prunes when I'm 60.

    My dry eyes started about 5 years ago while I was in college. I wouldn't find out I had dry eyes for another 4 1/2 years. Initially, my eyes would only get red at night (really red). "It looks like your eyes are bleeding", a friend once told me. Naturally, I sought after the "get the red out" formula. The next morning, my eyes would be normal again. This pattern continued day after day after day...and over time my eyes began to get red earlier in the day. Eventually, my eyes were red ALL the time. Let me tell you all (many of you probably already know) it is really annoying to be accused of smoking the reefer or getting hammered drunk every night-hence the clear eyes eye drops. So now I'm getting depressed. I love the outdoors and ceiling fans, but I don't get tears of joy when experiencing those things, I get tears of blood (joking). But seriously my eyes get super red. Anyhow, road to recovery...I mainly only suffer from bloodshot eyes. I don't have severe pain or irritation; those symptoms are mild for me. I use artificial tears anytime I have irritation, but I try to use them once every hour or two to make sure my eyes are always moist. I started Restasis 7 weeks ago and judging by redness, my right eye is MUCH better, however my left eye is still red ALL the time. So I'm being optimistic because of the improvement in my right eye; the redness is mild and irritation gone. Maybe I can explain why my left eye is taking longer...I did not mention in the beginning that originally, only my left eye was getting red. I'm sure my left eye is dryer than my right eye. I also read that the dryer your eyes are the longer it will take for Restasis to work. I'm keeping my fingers crossed. If you are using Restasis, I'd like to hear how it is working for you.

    A good friend of mine is losing his hair, I lost my tears...I'd rather be bald.

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